Aire and Matt

How we met: We met at bar one fateful night in November 2009. We stayed in touch via text message and Facebook and finally went on our first date in February 2011. A friend of his from college started working at the same company as me and reached out to me to tell me we had a mutual friend, I told her he was not a friend since he never asked me out. She encouraged him to do so and that next day he finally asked me out and we’ve been together ever since.


how they asked: I went to a birthday brunch with my friend Sara when she asked if we could stop by the Market Square section of Pittsburgh. I of course said yes and thought nothing of it. After we parked and starting walking towards the square we walked up an alley way where we were greeted, to my surprise, by my boyfriend Matt. As we started walking towards the middle of the square, where I noticed a group of people with their backs to us,  he started to recite a memorized speech of all of the reasons he loved me and the people in my life that helped to make me this way.

When he mentioned the big heart I learned from my father I notice one of the people in the middle turn around and it is my father holding the letter M, at this same time I hear our friend Mike playing the guitar. Matt continues with his speech as more members of my family and my friends turn around holding letters that spell out “Marry Me”. Our dog Herman was also there in a tuxedo as one of the reasons Matt loves me is how much I love when animals dress up like humans. It was an amazing day and will always be one of the best of my life.