Shae and John | Air Force Marriage Proposal

beach marriage proposal ideas _ military marriage proposals_IMG_3918How we met: John and I are both from really small towns in Alabama, but at the time we met, he was stationed in Florida for the US Air Force. On one of his visits home, however, we met through some mutual friends and instantly hit it off. We started dating a few months later!

how they asked: 3 years later, we got some photos taken by an awesome photographer. No special occasion, I just wanted some professional ones for us to have. Well, a few months later, the photographer messages me and says she’s putting together a portfolio and loved working with us so much that she wanted to take some of us on the beach for work examples. I thought, heck yeah! That’s awesome.

So, we meet up with her at a gorgeous park on the beach and start taking the photos – just like last time. Towards the end of the shoot, she has me look out at the water. As I turn around, a group of our friends show up out of nowhere. Completely confused, I look back at John… he then tells me that he set the whole thing up. One thing to fill you in on: John found out he was getting re-stationed in Ohio so we are moving away soon. Therefore, John said he wanted to get some professional photos done with our friends on the beach. I was so surprised and excited!

We continued to take the pictures and then our friends told us they got us “going away gifts”. They handed me a bag and John a bag. I go to open mine and pull out a shirt that says “Proud Air Force Wife”. I turned around COMPLETELY confused at why our friends would get me a WIFE shirt and I found John down on one knee with the ring. I cried, he asked, and of course I said YES!!

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air force marriage proposal

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air force marriage proposal

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