Ainsley and Justin's Sweet Bow Bridge Proposal in NYC

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How We Met

How we met is a simple story, but I absolutely love it! We met on a blind date and never stopped dating! Simple as that. It says a lot about our adventurous but simple love and lifestyle as we didn’t know what to expect but hit it off immediately when he took me to a donut shop (our favorite food). We now live in NYC and donuts are still our favorite food, but I’m excited about the new ring on my finger ;).

how they asked

Being the spontaneous 6’9″ man that he is, he completely caught me off guard when we were at Bow Bridge in Central Park just looking at nature when I turned around and found him eye level!! He pulled off the perfect day with 48 hours of planning. We began with brunch at our favorite NYC spot, The Smith then we walked around Central Park. One couple stopped us and asked us to take their picture so we did and the husband explained that he had proposed there 10 years ago that day and he made sure to do it on the 1st since she expected it on New Year’s Eve! I now know that hearing that story made Justin squirm as he wished he could tell them, “follow us, I’m about to propose!!” Of course, he didn’t want to spoil the secret, but how cool is that that we stumbled upon this sweet couple!?!

Anyway, After he popped the best question I’ve ever been asked, he had some amazing photographers capture the moment and have a impromptu photo shoot after! SO fun! Champagne and desserts waited for us at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel which has a phenomenal view of Central Park. We toasted to the adventures ahead and that afternoon spent hours on FaceTime sharing the good news (thank you, technology!). For dinner that night he had reservations at the place we had our anniversary dinner in the West Village. It was so delicious and with full stomachs I was ready to head home for the night. On our way home he said, “I want to stop by and see Gino at a bar right around the corner. He wants to congratulate us!” Gino is a great friend of ours so we stopped by the bar and not only Gino but a whole group of our Hillsong NYC friends were waiting for us for a surprise engagement party! Reminder: Justin did ALL of this with 48 hours to plan. AMAZING!! It was the best day ever! (also, shout out to my Kate Spade clutch for hiding my ugly cry when I saw him get on one knee! haha) #GlennfortheWin!
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