Aimee and Zackary

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How We Met

Zackary and I met in May of 2010 when were 16. I worked for the play “TEXAS” in Palo Duro Canyon, and he catered for”The Big Texan” for the play. The play ran 6 days a week throughout the whole summer. Our schedules were pretty much the same, Tuesday-Sunday 5-10 pm, so we would always casually run into each other every day. Ending the near of the summer, Zackary and I’s relationship grew more and more. Seeing each other every day and even whenever we would get off work.

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We were both beginning our junior year of high school, and I was moving from a small private school that consisted of about 100-150 people, to a big public school, where the junior class itself consisted of 1500-2000 people, and thankfully Zackary was one of 1500. We continued dating throughout high school and college, up until Zackary decided to pop the big Q. We grew as individuals, as well as a couple, and falling more and more in love with each other every day.

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How They Asked

It was April 23, 2020, the middle of the Corona Virus pandemic, as well as my 26th birthday. Zackary loves to dress our best at any chance we can get so obviously today was one of those days. My day started with him bringing me my favorite frozen coffee, obviously with an extra shot of espresso, because as a paramedic we can never have too much caffeine. Zackary told me to dress up nice and pretty, to which I was excited too because for the past month I was only living in my work clothes, my day time pajamas, and nighttime pajamas (huge shoutout to COVID19). We both finished getting ready and Zack and I went to pick up our breakfast we had ordered beforehand.

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We pick up breakfast and Zackary hands me a blindfold and says, alright put this on, which I did so, but not before I made sure he saw my sarcastic eye-roll (he knows I like to be in the know of what’s going on and I’m the planner in the relationship). Zackary aimlessly drove around trying to confuse me to where we were going, because as he says I’m a human GPS and I would have been able to map out in my head where we were going.

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We got to the first destination and after about 5 minutes of waiting in the car by myself, Zackary surprised me with a cute picnic with our breakfast and mimosas, which got ruined thanks to the Amarillo wind, so we compromised and had the picnic in the car. After that, the blindfold came back out and I once again was told to put it back on to which I did. Zackary drove aimlessly around trying to confuse me and we ended up at my best friend’s house, who just so conveniently was able to get someone to cover the last half of her shift at work.

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They told me the rest of the day included cooking out and some drinks, which I was obviously okay with, I was just happy to be done with the blindfold, or so I thought. Zackary and his friend went to go get drinks and I and my best friend stayed at her house. About an hour passed and the boys were not back yet and all of a sudden my best friend somehow pulled this blindfold out of thin air and told me to put it on. After a small tantrum, I obeyed and we were off on our next adventure but not before she handed me earphones and told me to blast music.

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After a short 15 minute ride that later consisted of twists and turns we ended up at our destination. I was told I could not take off the blindfold and that my best friend would lead the way. After walking up a small hill and down about 15 steps I was told I could take my blindfold off. As I took it off, I saw familiar steps with roses down leading the way to a stage which had more roses and candles in the shape of a big heart with Zackary standing in the middle of it, with the most beautiful backdrop of Palo Duro Canyon.

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With the grace of God, I made it down all the steps, shaky knees and all, up to Zackary. To be honest I couldn’t even tell you what he said to me because I was just so taken aback by what was happening, and how beautiful it was. Zackary asked me to be his forever in the same place we had met and started our relationship 10 years prior. And of course, I said yes to forever and goodbye to that dang blindfold.

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