Aimee and Mathew

How We Met

Mat and I met through his sister Laura. Laura and I had been good friends and sorority sisters. I had met Mat a few times over the years, but we never had a chance to talk or connect romantically. He never pursued me and I thought he was off limits because he was my good friend’s brother. One year in 2012, Laura had invited a few people to go to Las Vegas for her 21st birthday and of course, Mat was invited as well.

I’m a social person and like getting to know people, so out of nowhere I decided I wanted to connect with Mat as a friend before the trip to get to know him better. We hit off and had a similar sense of humor. By the time we went to Vegas, my infatuation (and his as well) had become hard to resist. I had several conversations with his sister about what this would look like if I dated her brother and of course to get her good wishes. She was fine with it and ultimately gave me the OK. We ended up kissing in Vegas and the rest was history!

Aimee's Proposal in Versailles, France

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Versailles, France

how they asked

Mat and I took a trip to Europe in June 2018. We traveled to France, Belgium, The Netherlands, and Switzerland. Mat and I had been together for 6 years and before our trip, everyone and their mother was asking if he was going to propose and my answer was always ” probably!” On our first week in Paris, we decided to visit the beautiful Palace of Versailles. The night before, Mat suggested I wear something “nice”, so he could take pictures of me for a keepsake. I thought it was a little weird, but not that weird for how we are together. We toured the entire Palace and finally made our way to the beautiful gardens. In gardens, there are numerous fountains that have water shows with music, much like the Bellagio in Vegas.

There were moments when I thought he would have proposed, but by 3 pm we had made it to the last fountain and had watched a water show at the Poseidon Fountain. As I was getting up to leave for the day, I was stretching and looking around at the sights around me, I said: “Let’s go home.” He said “ok, will you help me up?” I turn around with my hand out to pull him up and he is on his knee with the most beautiful ring (that I had picked out a few months back). He said many nice things (much of I can’t remember because my mind blacked out) and asked me to marry him. My stomach started to hurt (but I’m an anxious ridden lady) and I asked him to sit down with me. After I cooled down from this exciting moment, unbeknownst to him, I had stored away a ring I purchased to propose to him and at that moment pulled it out and proposed back to him. He was very surprised!