Aimee and Justin

How We Met

Aimee: Justin and I met through the Canucks Autism Network, we both work for the organization as Support Workers. Where it all began was at the I CAN Play Music Program at the Sarah McLachlan School of Music – we would nervously say hello and then sneak peeks at each other throughout the program. I couldn’t help but notice how incredible he was with the kiddos he worked with, melted my heart every time I looked over!

Aimee and Justin's Engagement in Sarah McLachlan School Of Music Room

Justin: On May 10th, 2015, I was volunteering with the Canucks Autism Network (CAN) hosting their annual sports day event for families in British Columbia, Canada who have children with autism. Out of the corner of my eye during team meeting walked a blonde-haired, blue-eyed female with the cutest smile that caught my eye instantly. Every opportunity I had throughout the day, I tried to stand out and make her notice me, by throwing myself on the turf when children ran into me during a football drill, to dancing ridiculously on touchdown celebrations … but nothing worked. At the end of the day, I stayed extra late to help out with clean-up because I saw ‘mystery girl’ still hanging around. Turned away for a minute and she was gone … all panic happened. Just my luck as I was searching all of Rogers Arena, hoping just to get a quick “hi” or a name, but went home empty-handed. While riding the train home, I texted the ‘boys’ saying I met this awesome girl and that one day I would go on a date with her … I may have lied a bit because we didn’t actually formally meet, but had to make it sound good, right?

Fast forward to January 6th, 2018, as I walked into the I CAN PLAY MUSIC program at Sarah McLachlan School of Music for the first session, there she was. For everyone who knows me I am a man of many words, but in that exact momen,t the only words that came out was, “Hi,” then I nervously and awkwardly walked away. Throughout the whole program, I made sure I stood out this time, so she would notice me, because who doesn’t like a man that is great with kids! Throughout the session, I would sneak peaks of her, and by the end of the night, we were finally on talking terms.

Proposal Ideas Sarah McLachlan School Of Music Room

how they asked

The night he proposed, he told me to bring a nice change of clothes because he wanted to take me out for Indian food. On the way, he said we had to pick up a couple t-shirts from the Sarah McLachlan School of Music. He led me to the room where our love story began and when I opened the door, I knew right away that a lot more than Indian food and t-shirts were in store for the evening! There were beautiful lights hanging and flower petals placed along a candlelit path that led to a piano bench. Justin took me to the piano bench and on it, there was a package.

We sat down and I opened up the package – it was a beautiful scrapbook that we looked through together, reminiscing about all our wonderful memories over the past 2 years together. On the second to last page of the scrapbook, there was an “open me” envelope with an SD card inside. Before I knew it, a screen was coming down from the ceiling and a video called “68 Things I Love About You” started playing. Justin got a bunch of my family and friends, his family and friends and some of the CAN kiddos and families to help him out by having each of them say one of the things he loves about me. I balled like an absolutely baby!

️It was by far the sweetest, most thoughtful thing anyone has ever done for me.

At the end of the video, my name popped up, followed by a slide that said: “Will you marry me?” Justin took my hand and brought me to the candlelit path, got down on one knee and proposed!

it was absolutely perfect in every possible way.

Where to Propose in Sarah McLachlan School Of Music Room

Special Thanks

Sarah Felber
 | Photographer