Aimee and Brian; The Groom's Side

How we met: You couldn’t really call how Aimee and Brian met as being “love at first sight,” which is strange considering how quickly they fell in love and how attractive both of them are. To begin, when they first started dating, Brian had completely forgotten that they had met on several occasions a several years before what he considers (still to this day) to be the first day that they met… not a very good start. Furthermore, when Aimee first met Brian, he had a beard, long hair, and was probably a little over weight… again, not a very good start. However, what their relationship lacked in first impressions was made up for by the ever expanding bond that continues to grow between them everyday they spend together.

They are truly a couple that enjoys the time they share with one another. Whether they are surfing in Mexico, snowboarding at Sierra at Tahoe, or having a picnic in bed, there is nobody that they would rather be with. When asked why the two of them spend so much time together, they jokingly say, “that’s how we couple.”

What is interesting is that they grew up so close, and at the same time, so far away. Although they grew up in essentially the same region (Sacramento), and had a lot of the same friends/acquaintances, they somehow never got a chance to get to know each other until they were in their late 20’s. While Aimee went to Rio Americano in Carmichael with a group of people that Brian ended up spending the majority of his 20’s with, Brian went to Woodcreek high school in Roseville with one of Aimee’s long time friends, whom was also a close personal friend of his immediate family.

After high school, Aimee went to Cal and Brian went to UC Davis, which isn’t too far apart, but it is also not surprising that they didn’t meet during this time. What is surprising is that Brian was already a Cal football fan before they met, which years later ended up being the first thing they realized they had in common.

After college both Aimee and Brian lived in Sacramento but didn’t meet again until several years later at a mutual friend’s wedding, which was the same friend of Aimee’s that Brian had gone to high school with. Their lives before they met almost seemed to act as the foundation on which their relationship would inevitably be built because they already knew and had developed relationships with a lot of the same people. It is almost as though they are meant to be together, and I honestly feel in my soul that they are.

Their journey to find one another is very complex and I honestly don’t see how they didn’t find each other sooner. I suppose that there is a plan for all of us and that Aimee and Brian’s plan took a little extra time to make sure everything was just right.

How he proposed: When you propose to the woman you love you want everything to be perfect. You want to find the perfect ring, write the perfect speech and propose in the perfect location because this story is going to be told over… and over… and over again… for the rest… of… your… life!

For me the perfect ring started with a trip to our jewelers, Mike and Myong Lim, who Aimee knew because she used to teach karate to their kids… trust is important when you’re spending a lot of money on a tiny rock. After purchasing the ring I immediately gave it to my mom to hold onto for safe keeping because the last thing you want is for your fiancé to stumble across it while she is putting your underwear away. I had to keep this secret for three months and I have to tell you Aimee was an absolute angel the entire time… just kidding, she reminded me constantly about how badly she wanted to get engaged and I have to admit that sometimes I thought about just doing so she would stop asking…but that wouldn’t be very romantic now would it?

September 2nd, 2011 was the big day. After successfully getting the ring through airport security and across US/Mexico border I spent the next four hours on the plane planning out exactly how the proposal was going to go. Planning this little rouse began several months before when my family, Aimee, and I made plans to go to the Grand Mayan in Nuevo Vallarta, which is honestly my favorite place in the whole world. My original plan was to get dressed up and go to dinner at the resort with Aimee and my family on our first night and then after dinner to take a romantic walk down the beach at sunset where I would tell her how much I loved her before getting down on one knee. What actually ended up happening was so much better!

We were greeted at the airport by our Mexico family Hector and Patty Lopez and their children, Kevin, Isla, and Emelian. Hector then informed us that two days ago he caught a 200 pound yellowfin tuna and that there was no way that we were eating at the hotel’s restaurant; instead, he was taking everyone to his restaurant, Margarita’s in Punta de Mita, which is my favorite restaurant in the whole world. Once at the restaurant Hector gave us the best table in the house, which was on the beach with nothing between you and the ocean… and the sand between your toes. It was a beautiful night with cloudless skies, a calm ocean, and a refreshing breeze. As I sat there nervously drinking my margarita I couldn’t believe that this day was finally here and how happy I was for it. With Aimee on my left, strategically placed at the end of the table, I tapped my margarita glass with my dinner knife, rose, and walked to her side, where I began my speech…

“Thank you everyone for being here, it has been way too long since our last visit and it feels incredible to be back here with all of you,” saluting my glass to the entire table, “and its even more special because I have someone special with me tonight, my girlfriend Aimee.”

I then redirected all of my attention toward Aimee, which seemed strange to her because I never give speeches and she didn’t understand why I was only looking at her.

I looked into her eyes as mine started to water and said, “I love you so much baby, with all of my heart. There is no one I would rather spend the rest of my life with.”

Then as my shaking hands fumbled the ring out of my pocket, and I went down on one knee, Aimee realized what is happening and covered her mouth with her hands, and her eyes began to water too.

I then said to her softly, “I love you more than anything and would be honored if I could spend the rest of my life with you.”

I didn’t realize until after the ring was on her finger and we were kissing that I never actually asked her, “Will you marry me?” It wasn’t until my mom whispered, “I didn’t hear a yes,” that Aimee actually said “Yes, yes, yes!” but I knew we were both on the same page.

It was the perfect beginning to the rest of our lives.

Photos by Larsen’s Photography