Aimee and Ahbleza

Image 1 of Aimee and Ahbleza

How We Met

We met in 2015 after I was asked via FB message to perform in a music video for an upcoming pop artist Ricky Jarman (now goes by Tristan Cole). Ahbleza was the choreographer! We became friends. It was after we had been invited to a group outing months later that only the two of us actually attended that we realized how much we liked each other! After that night we were inseparable.

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Image 5 of Aimee and Ahbleza

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how they asked

It was a normal Monday night teaching at the studio. On Mondays I teach late with my Junior and Senior dancers. Ahbleza stops by the studio every so often just to say hello or watch my rehearsals. Some days thats the only way we see each other. So this night that he came by was not unusual. After rehearsal was over I began to clean up and he asked me to sit down.

Image 3 of Aimee and Ahbleza

Thats when he began to sing an original song her wrote just for me and his proposal! (He’s a musician btw). Fellow staff, a few parents and students were crowded in the doorway so quiet.. until I answered yes and as you can hear everyone began to scream!

Image 4 of Aimee and Ahbleza

Image 7 of Aimee and Ahbleza

Our Video