Aileen and Justin

Aileen's Proposal in Fort Fisher, NC

How We Met

I met Justin on Tinder, we messaged each other for almost a week until he asked me to go out on a date. I almost canceled because I developed a cold and I was beginning to lose my voice. He still agrees to date so we met at Slice of Life off of S. 17th street in Wilmington, NC. We enjoyed our lunch and decided to go for a walk. He takes me to Fort Fisher to a path where there used to be an old bunker that was used during a war. Luckily there were people on the path so I felt brave to go. It’s a long walk; the view at the end is amazing. The path took us to Zeke’s Island where you can see the ferry take off to Southport. We were enjoying the day so we decided to go to watch “A Dog’s Purpose” and had a drink after the movie. I saw him the day after and there was no turning back! Two years later, we’ve decided on forever!

How They Asked

Crashing waves along the rocks piled beside one another at Fort Fisher. The sun has come out of hiding from a dreary, cloudy day. The sun was warming up the Earth. Justin and I walk along the path towards a gazebo and an opening where there is fishing, beach watching, and people walking along the beach. Discussion of a beautiful afternoon and sweet words to one another were spoken. How could pictures not be taken of such a beautiful view? Though, pictures just do not do reality justice.

After taking a few pictures of us and the view on my phone, Justin suggests taking a picture with his phone. He props it up on the rail and hands a card to me. A card from a book I gave to him on Valentine’s Day, where he was granted One Free Wish, with these words written on the back by him: “I would like to request YOU as my wish. Duration: Forever! I Love You!” With ‘Mi Amor’ written inside of a heart drawn by him. “Awwww, is this your way of proposing?” I jokingly said.

Where to Propose in Fort Fisher, NC

“No. Let’s take a picture.”

He gets down on one knee.

“Because this is the proposal.”

He pulls out a ring as he says these words and my eyes can’t believe what is happening.

“Will you marry me?”

Time froze here.

“Yes. Wait, are you sure?”


“Do you really wanna marry me?”


“Is this for real?”

“Yes.” Tears begin watering my eyes, still in shock as he puts the ring on. What a surprise on his birthday!