Aileen and Bobby

Aileen and Bobby's Engagement in Sea Bright, New Jersey

How We Met

Bobby and I attended Bryant University together where we met as freshman. Bobby played football and I played lacrosse. In April of our freshman year we met in a heated dance battle on the floor of our local Thursday night bar (Don’t ask how we got in). It was just Bobby and I in the battle surrounded by our audience, but by the end we were only dancing with each other. We exchanged phone numbers, and started talking. We dated (and danced) the rest of our time at Bryant before graduation together in 2015. After a year of long distance (I moved to Australia, so I mean LONG), I moved to Maryland and into our first apartment together. Two and half years after I moved down, Bobby asked me to marry him.

Proposal Ideas Sea Bright, New Jersey

Where to Propose in Sea Bright, New Jersey

How They Asked

In my hometown of Rumson, NJ we live very close to the beach. We have a spot on the where we would always go to enjoy the sun, have some talks, or simply a nice dinner picnic on the beach. We had recently adopted our puppy Tug, and wanted to show him the beach and our spot, so we took him there to play (or so I thought). It was FREEZING, and I wanted to leave. I was about 30 seconds away from calling it a day, but Bobby held out until my two best friends were there to capture the moment. When he got the signal (Via snap text) he gave me a hug and talked about all our times at the beach in this spot. I didn’t know he was proposing, so the idiot I am responded with “Yeah like the time you made me cry” (eek), and he laughed and said “Well I guess I’m going to make you cry again”… He then got down on one knee and he proposed, and yes I did cry again. My friends captured the moment and we headed home to change and grab some lunch to celebrate. Upon getting to the restaurant I was surprised by my entire family, Bobby’s entire family, my best friends from high school, my best friends from college, and my aunts/uncles and all my cousins who either made a grueling drive (and some even flew – shout out to my sister and MOH Jillian) to celebrate one of the best moments of our lives. Ya did good Bobby, ya did good :)