Aia and Todd

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How We Met

I was a freshman in high school and he was in 8th grade. My dad met his family roaming around our neighborhood one day. One night I came down from my room because my dad said there was a new family in town I had to meet. I met him and his dad. My first impression of him was: “ew, he’s so small.”

In 2006, his family started to attend our church, and that’s where we started to become really close. We were invited to a family birthday party at his house and we really had fun hanging out with another. He knew how to make me laugh. Ever since then, I labeled him as my best friend and started to call him “Pwet” (It means butt in Tagalog, lol). Ever since then, he was always the one I went to when a guy broke my heart or when I needed somebody to lean on. He never seemed to fail me. He never seemed to say no to me.

In 2009, he asked me to go to his senior prom with him. I was a bit confused as to what was going to happen but I made the best of it. After all, he was my best friend still. I then fell for his best friend. I thought he was the one. Little did I know, though, God had another plan for me, which included leading our church’s youth group. Of course that relationship ended badly and Todd was there to pick up the pieces again. But, so be it. I believe everything happens for a reason. God puts us in situations for many reasons and these reasons were slowly unfolding.

By the end of 2011, something in me snapped. I was going crazy. I did not understand what was happening with me. I did not understand why I could not stop thinking about Todd. But he knew. He could tell. He was my best friend. He knew that something changed with me and him. The moment I finally let it all out, he told me that he had been praying for me for so many years. God told him to be patient and to not give up. It was amazing to finally let him know how I felt and vice verse. It was a rewarding moment for both of us. There was something magical that night when I finally told him. I was not scared. I was more excited. We both were. We knew going into this it would not be easy, but we both knew we wanted to be with each other. We did not even see it as a relationship but just our friendship on a whole new level. Nothing really changed, except I finally saw him for who he really was and how genuinely in love he was with me from the beginning. Most importantly I was able to see how in love he was with our God.

how they asked

So on Christmas Day, my entire family had planned to go to Longwood Gardens. We entered the greenhouse, walked around and took a lot of pictures – all was nice and seemingly normal, until I was caught by surprise. My dad suddenly wrapped one of his arms around me and pulled me aside, guiding me away from everyone else. He handed me a folded note and told me that it was a very important letter I needed to read. I found myself in one of the beautiful green rooms, reading a love letter from Todd. I could not see or hear anything that was going on around me until the very last line of the letter, which instructed me to turn around. At that moment, I saw Todd on one knee. He asked me “Will You Marry Me?” and of course I said Yes. (AND I could not stop crying/smiling!)

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