Aholibama and Omar

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How We Met

Omar and I met sometime in the year 2000 in the city of Garden Grove. Our families attended the same church congregation, he was only 8 and I was 11. Yes everyone, I am 3 years older than him #cradlerobberlife. For the most part I had no knowledge of his existence, he was just one more of my brothers many friends who would always be running around with him and having sleepovers. According to his romantic story, I was his childhood crush.

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I was preparing to become part of the worship team at the age of 11 and part of my responsibility was to place the transparency sheets on the overhead projector during worship. Now imagine how long ago that must have been if we didn’t even have laptops and power-point systems yet?

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Anyhow, his story goes that he would stare at me with googly eyes during the entire worship session and he distinctly remembers when I would wear a blue dress of mine, since blue is his favorite color… He shares with me that never did he ever imagine he would have an opportunity to actually date his childhood crush, let alone ask her to one day marry him.

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how they asked

Part of Omar’s job is to organize a 3 day conference for the teens of Church of God of Prophecy in California, we refer to this time of the year as “conference season” which runs from November to April. In early November Omar kept having a difficult time deciding the exact theme of this year’s conference. I run the budgeting and hotel blocks and for the most part I can’t do anything with my portion of the job until we have a direction in which we are headed. Being that it was the end of November and Omar had yet to find a concrete theme for conference, my patience and prayers were beginning to look scarce! The entire month of November I felt like Omar was really going through a lot as finals were happening and conference planning began – I could tell he was going through a lot of emotional stress and tried to be as encouraging and helpful as possible.

I do this best when I just go with the flow of whatever he asks for. Two weeks prior to the proposal he asked me if we could have date night for Sunday November 27th. I agreed and we both set the date aside in our agendas. We had decided on dinner and a movie. Now let me be the first to tell you I hate going to the movies, but seeing how he had been going through a lot I agreed to go with him. Saturday the day before the proposal Omar literally convinced me to go get a manicure, so me and my best friend Alissa went to get manicures, followed by a pottery class! haha! How counterproductive right? But because there was a purpose that polish stayed strong! haha!! The next day was Sunday and I went to church as usual, led worship as usual, and was exhausted after church… as usual. I knew we had date night but I asked if I could go for just an hour or two to take a nap and re energize for date night! & he kindly said yes :)

When I came home my parents weren’t home and they called me to make sure my brother was awake, they were going to take him out to dinner and I found it extremely odd that I hadn’t been invited to this dinner, but whatever I needed a nap! I took a very satisfying nap and woke up to get ready for date night! I curled my hair and did my makeup. I rarely ever do my hair and makeup, especially my makeup, I don’t wear it often at all but I knew Omar enjoys it for date night. When he arrived to my home I was basically starving but he asked me if we could stop by this park that he had found earlier in the week and gave him inspiration for conference. I was all over it because I was desperate for the procrastination to end!!!

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He drove me to a park that seemed extremely far but again, I was desperate for the conference work to begin so I was not about to complain about how hungry I was, haha! It had been raining for a couple days prior to this Sunday, so when I got off the car I immediately stepped in a puddle of mud (gahhhhhhh) but no worries, I needed to see this inspiration of his! He then told me that as we walked to the location to watch a related video that would help me understand it more… when that video was over he then began to show me hilarious candid photos of his pregnant younger sister and as we talked and laughed I hadn’t noticed my surroundings at all. When he came to a halt I stopped as well and looked up at him.

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He was looking out past me… I saw a huge paper sign being held by a group of people that read, “will you marry him?”. I wasn’t sure the sign was for me so I didn’t show any emotion, I simply looked back at him and he was already down on one knee!! This was really happening! He was proposing to ME!!

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He gave me a very heartfelt speech that I will cherish forever and as he went on with the speech I saw his best man and my best friend come out from behind him recording and taking photos! My MOH and his best man were there!!

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So of course I said yes and we hugged and I cried… When I finally turned around I saw it was my family and his family holding up the sign and as we walked over to hug them a sign rose up from behind saying “she said yes!!”… it was being held by the rest of my best friends!

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It was so thought out and I couldn’t appreciate Omar more. The proposal was followed by a dinner at my home that Omar had also arranged and my best friends decorated! He definitely exceeded my expectations!

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