Aholibama and Angel

How We Met

Ivan and I met in band camp 7 years ago.  We became best friends soon after, and after few moths he told me he had liked me from the moment he laid eyes on me.  I couldn’t believe my best find had feelings for me, and I didn’t know if I had feelings for him.  I look time to think about what he told me but, that night, as I thought about him as more than just friends, I knew I had feelings for him as well.  We took things slowly at first but, after a couple of moths he told me he loved me, and I knew I did too.  I didn’t know he was the one early on but, I did love that he asked my dad if he could date me. I found that to be very respectful and I knew he didn’t just take our relationship lightly.  About a year into our relationship I knew he was the one.  We talked bout marriage but never really said when or how.  A couple years later Ivan promised me he was going to marry me by theme I turned 25.  I thought that was sweet and completely bold for a teenage boy.  I wouldn’t be where I am now If we had never began dating and My life makes sense with him in it.

This is at Ivan's prom in 2011

This is at Ivan’s prom in 2011

how they asked

Ivan and I began dating in high school 7 years ago. On our 7 year anniversary 09.26.15, he told me we were going to our favorite place -Disneyland- with his brothers. He told me they had been wanting to go with us, so I thought nothing of it and was excited to have a fun day with my man and his brothers. When we arrive

d at 8:30 that morning, he asked if I wanted to take a photo (we always take pictures at Disneyland and order them so it was nothing out the ordinary). As we were taking pictures, that is when he leaned in, told me “you know I love you right?” He then got down on one knee and proposed to me. A huge dowry was cheering for us and I wiped my tears away I began to walk away and he said “turn around.” That is when I saw my parents and his parents. I cried even harder and the crowd cheered even louder. It made me so happy to see my parents made the drive form San Diego early that morning to make it there for our proposal. I live at home with my parents and the funny part is that I didn’t even notice my mom was fully dressed when I left home that morning, or even noticed that our parents were on the same tram as we were. Ivan promised me he would marry me by the time I turned 25, and that was a promise I just took with a smile and nod when were younger. But, in 11 months, the man of my dreams will marry me and I will be 25.3 Engagement 7 3 1 Engagement 7 Engagment 6 Engagement 5 Engagement 4 Engagement 2 Engagement 1

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