Ah-Tiyah and James


How We Met

James and I met in our Kindergarten class when we were 5 years old. After I moved from the area at the age of 10 we didn’t see each other until we met again in ninth grade. But when I moved, he also moved and we lived behind each other the whole time and didn’t know it. As we got older we both knew we had feelings for each other but we remain friends and dated other people. Our parents always knew that one day we would get married and have a bunch of kids together. James then decided to move to Cali and join the Marines and for about six or seven years we stayed best friends but didn’t really talk everyday.  After not talking for about a whole year one day he called me and told me he was moving back home and leaving the Marines.

I was super excited inside that my best friend was moving back to New Jersey and we was going to be able to hang out again. When he came back we talked and saw each other everyday, and one day while we was on the phone we both realize that we are meant to be together. I was always afraid to cross that line but he told me that it will be okay and if we are not good in a relationship we still will remain friends. We started dating on 2/5/15 and our first date was on Valentines day. Yes we have our days and we get mad at each other like normal couples do but we both want to be together forever. God placed us together for a reason.


how they asked

On October 11,2016 my best friend proposal to me. He thought of many places he wanted to pop the question but the perfect place was right at home. James and I was having a simple conversation about our relationship and he asked me do I want this forever. I started to cry and said of course and he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I could not stop crying and I couldn’t stop saying its so pretty. Afterwards we went out for food and drinks and celebrate. Ever since then we both have been on cloud nine.