Agrima and Blake

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How We Met

Blake’s Version: Agrima and I met back in high school at a mutual friend’s birthday party. We started chatting right away and immediately hit it off.

We were really good friends for about 2 years until I built up the courage to ask her out, and naturally she said ‘no’. Unwavered, I continued to be persistent to get her to date me, at the time she was more concerned with school and family.

Luckily my persistence paid off and she eventually couldn’t resist my charm — 7 years later and she still can’t!

how they asked

Agrima’s Version: My birthday is tomorrow, and this past weekend in BC, Canada happens to be a long weekend. Blake suggested we use the long weekend to celebrate my birthday by going on a small trip. We recently bought bikes so I suggested some place near by where we could explore on our bikes.

I came home Thursday night from work, expecting to make dinner and go on our road trip in the morning. Blake had something else in mind. He had me pack up and head to the airport. I was losing my mind trying to figure out what was happening because I am that person that has every minute of her day planned and surprises rarely get me.

He had me check in at one of the kiosks to find out where we were going. The boarding pass printed and I found out we were traveling 9 hours on a plane to London, England. I thought I was losing my mind before but now I was really losing my mind.

We had the most amazing flight, talking about how he pulled this of because I ask too many questions about our schedules and plans for him to get this by me. We landed, got to the hotel, ate and he asked me to get ready for the evening. He wouldn’t tell me what we were doing or where we were going but asked me to get dressed up for the night.

Judging by his outfit I assumed we were going to a fancy play or the Opera because he doesn’t get dressed up often and we had just walked by very dressed up people by the theatres on our way to the hotel. I got dressed up and we headed out.

He had never been to London before but knew exactly where to go. We walked to Big Ben and then walked along the northern bank of the River Thames.We paused and looked out at the river and the Palace of Westminster. Blake began talking about when we first met and only then did I realize what was happening. I have not a clue as to what came after that, besides tears on my end. Through my tears I saw him get on one knee and I just continued to cry. I think I heard him say will you marry me but I’m not sure. Eventually, he said “is that a yes?” and only then did I say “yes!”.

It is safe to say, I completely lost my mind again and again this trip. My boyfriend and best friend of 7 years is now my fiancé.

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