Agnes and Richard

How We Met

Richard aka Ryan, and I have known each other since junior high. We went to the same school together and ever since that time, we always seemed to have a special connection. During our junior high years, we had crushes on each other. It was the definitely the type of crush you would write about in your diary all night long or send cute messages to in the middle of classes type of crush. Ryan even asked me to be his Valentine in the 8th grade which of course, I said yes. To this day it was one of the most memorable Valentine’s Days I’ve ever had. Even at that age, he was just so sweet and romantic.

Agnes and RIchard Aka's Engagement in Haleakala - Kalahaku Overlook, Maui, Hawaii

In our high school years, we went to different schools, made different friends and lost touch. Yet whenever we would hang out with mutual friends, he always made me feel at ease and would make me laugh. There is never a dull moment when you hang out with Ryan. I felt like throughout our years in high school, we always had feelings for each other, but the timing was never right. That was until prom season came along. We started spending more time with each other and we eventually became each other’s prom dates. We haven’t been apart since.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Haleakala - Kalahaku Overlook, Maui, Hawaii

how they asked

A couple months after we started dating, I told Ryan that Hawaii was a place I’ve dreamt of going my entire life. Funny enough, that summer he ended up going there with his family on vacation. Since he knew how much I wanted to go there, he brought me back a journal writing about the things he did while he was there and how he wished I was there with him to experience it all. He also saved some of the flowers from Hawaii and pressed them into the pages.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Haleakala - Kalahaku Overlook, Maui, Hawaii

Agnes's Proposal in Haleakala - Kalahaku Overlook, Maui, Hawaii

Where to Propose in Haleakala - Kalahaku Overlook, Maui, Hawaii

13 years later, my dreams of going to Hawaii became a reality. We flew into Maui and on June 1st he took me to one of the places he mentioned in his journal. He took me to Haleakala. I honestly didn’t know what to expect when we were heading there. It’s pretty funny that throughout the day, I was questioning him whether or not we should even make the trip there since it was a few hours from our hotel and the drive there seemed pretty intense. Even halfway through our trip, I asked him if he really wanted to do the drive since it appeared cloudy and he reassured me the whole time telling me that this was my first time in Maui and I should take advantage of it. Little did I know that above the clouds and on top of Haleakala that there was a surprise waiting for me.

Once we made it through the clouds the view was spectacular. I felt like I was in a dream. We first took photos and videos at the summit where I knew we were heading. Then, we got back in our car and Ryan told me we were going to make another stop which I had no idea about. We reach the Kalahaku Overlook where my memory starts to get a little fuzzy. He takes me to this gorgeous view and he starts off with the words “13 years ago…” and I knew this was it. All I could think in my head was “WHAT! This is really happening!” Thank goodness I had sunglasses on because my eyes got a little teary.

I cannot remember the exact words. However what I do recall is that he mentioned how when he first went to Hawaii, it was the beginning of our chapter as a couple. Now that we were there together after 13 years, he wanted this moment in Hawaii to start the next chapter in our lives. As he got down on one knee and said the words, “Will you marry me?” my heart was racing. After a few moments, I screamed, “YES! Of course!” and wrapped my arms around him. Next thing I knew he was pointing to a few people who I thought were tourists that were taking photos of the view. They were actually Amber from Engaged on Maui, Caleb, and Sharon from Areca Film Company that Ryan booked to capture this special moment in our lives.

I was blown away that Ryan had this planned for months and I honestly had no idea. I’ve envisioned this particular moment so many times in my mind and never thought that this was how we would propose. Being above the clouds and watching the multicolored Hawaiian sky over Maui was beyond perfection. I swear the universe was smiling upon us that day.

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