Agata and Ryan

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Wilanów, Poland

How We Met

Fresh out of college I joined a rotational work program with Nestle, that stationed me at multiple locations within the US over the course of 5 years. One of these locations happened to be in Laurel, MD – a factory whose IT manager unknowingly would become my husband.

Ryan & I first met during my first week at Laurel – he was the IT guy & I needed IT help, nothing too complicated there … what makes things interesting is that I thought nothing of the event, and Ryan? well he thought I was a demanding and spoiled brat – he even told his coworker “he was going to make me wait”. Needless to say our first encounter was not one for the cinemas.

It wasn’t until 2 months later that we met again – it was happy hour at a local tavern, I had a horrible day at work and needed some venting time. We started talking and couldn’t seem to stop – even after all of our friends had left we spent hours in the parking lot conversing back & forth. Ryan says that after that night he knew there was something there, something he wanted to pursue – and even though I won’t admit this to him, I had butterflies in my stomach on the drive home!

Few weeks later, I “tricked” him into taking me on a date (that is how he puts it) and ever since then we have been inseparable – I had met my best friend and I was never letting go.

Photos are from our engagement session but they sum up our relationship pretty well – figured it would be a nice add :)

(all photos in this section were taken by Rachael Osborn Photography)

Where to Propose in Wilanów, Poland

how they asked

Ryan took me to Poland – my birthplace – for my birthday in 2014, he seemed to have an amazing time (especially eating the food) so it came as no surprise to me when he asked if we could go back …. little did I know, it was all part of his grand plan.

The first day of the trip (per Ryan’s request) we went to Wilanów, a small town outside of Warsaw where you can find the summer palace of Poland’s late king. I was a bit puzzled on why we were going back as just a year ago we had completed the full palace & garden tour, Ryan convinced me we were going because he wanted to try out his new tripod (he had just purchased it) – YEAH RIGHT! When we arrived, it was time for photos. As Ryan was setting up his tripod, I was wandering the gardens looking for the best place to stand for a couples shot in front of the palace. Once I found what I thought was the best positioning Ryan walked over for the shot …. but instead of posing he got down on one knee and asks me to marry him IN POLISH!!! At this point I was in total shock, partially because Ryan was proposing but also because the words that came out of his mouth were not English which startled me even more. After what Ryan will say felt like a lifetime I yelled out “of course” and allegedly stole the ring from Ryan’s hand!!!

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