Afsheen and Faiyaz

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How We Met

My cousin and I were attending a community sports tournament and I noticed someone watching me the moment I walked in. As I was sitting there watching a volleyball game, he sat down next to me and said a corny joke to get my attention. Silly me – I was so interested in the game I didn’t even know he was talking to me! Luckily my cousin saved me and responded to him. He thought I was blowing him off by not responding so he walked away. My cousin elbowed me in the rib saying I lost my chance with a good-looking guy just because I wasn’t paying attention. A few weeks later a friend of mine invited me to a hockey game. Once I met her up, she surprised me and told me she had some friends she wanted me to meet and introduced me to the same guy from the sports tournament. Little did I know that after our first encounter, he had been reaching out to mutual friends to try and find out more about me. The hockey game was a great first hangout with him, and we ended up hitting it off well. Fast-forward to 2 years later, after many crazy adventures and traveling, he worked up the courage to put a ring on it.

how they asked

We were planning a cousins trip in September to Los Angeles and while I was shopping for new clothes to wear, Faiyaz was frantically trying to plan the perfect proposal. He first asked all of my cousins whether they would mind their trip being hijacked for an afternoon so that he could propose to their cousin. Obviously – they were thrilled and assisted him in preparing the logistics to make sure I would be surprised. After considering dozens of different ideas, he finally decided on a beach proposal.

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But it couldn’t be just a simple proposal in the sand, he had to make it something I would NEVER forget. On September 16th 2016, they all arrived in Los Angeles. The first thing on the itinerary was to have lunch on Santa Monica Beach! As we drove up, everyone noticed the breathtaking set up in the distance on the beach. Everyone except me, since I was more focused on eating. Faiyaz hesitantly asked me to take a walk on the beach, and before I could answer, he grabbed my hand and began to walk towards the water.

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I was not expecting him to propose on this trip so when Faiyaz began walking me towards the beaded, purple canopy with a chandelier I only stared in bewilderment. Not until Faiyaz was on one knee and I heard the clicks of the camera in the background did I begin to realize what was happening. My answer was YES!

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Special Thanks

Alexandra Cooper
 | Photographer