Afritina and Temi

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How We Met

After a few years of doubting myself, I finally decided to reach out to a few photographers about lessons as well as how to get started in the photography game. Him being one of them. It had always been a passion of mine, but I never thought it was realistic. I got a few great responses back that were really helpful, but there was definitely something different about his. He had such a genuine spirit, even through email. He was so helpful and inspiring. We became friends and a few months later we found ourselves go from casual convo to deep hours long conversations out of nowhere. He invited me to the Dallas Museum of art to hang one day and told me he liked me that day. We continued to get to know each other from there and have pretty much been inseparable since!

how they asked

So my fiancé asked me out of the blue if I wanted to put on an art exhibition with him. Me being an artist and have never put on an art show myself, I was 100% excited and on board. To put it on with my absolute best friend, even better. My fiancé is an artist/creative as well and had been vlogging all summer to build content for his youtube channel. He decided to vlog the entire process leading up to our art show. I was on board because I’m always encouraging him to capture footage for his vlogs. So we go through the entire process or picking a theme, making a digital poster to spread the word, made a thousand trips to Michael’s for art supplies, recruit models for the photography, the editing process, the guest list, everything. He captures it all for the entire month and a half of the process.

The day gets here, it’s the day of the art show. All of our closest friends, family, and art supporters are there. The event is a smash success. He even invited some of my college buddies to surprise me. We are up making our speech in front of everyone explaining the art pieces and what inspired the exhibition. I speak first then he finishes off. He continues where I left off then begins thanking me for partnering with him on this project and proceeds to say that he can see himself creating with me for the rest of his life. Then it hits me. *cue the ugly cry*. The entire planning process and the ENTIRE art exhibition was always a cover. It was always a front to invite all of the people that mean the most to us to witness this special moment he had so thoroughly planned. Everyone (except for a few unknowing people who genuinely came out to support) was in on it. What an absolutely amazing day.

He told me he liked me after a “none-date” to the Dallas Museum of Art.

He asked me to be his girlfriend at his first art exhibition.

And he asked me to be his wife at an art exhibition that we threw together. So lucky to have this guy as my fiancé.

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Special Thanks

Nijalon Dunn
 | Photographer
Wesley Kirk
 | Videographer
BREDA Studio
 | Provided studio space for free to do the proposal