Adrienne and Will

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How We Met: I met Will when we were freshman students at Arizona State University. We had mutual friends that lived in the same dorm so running into each other “randomly” was starting to get obvious. Every spring break we would all venture down to Rocky Point, Mexico with all our college friends. It was there in Mexico we knew that the casual constant running into meant something and our relationship started. We have been dating for 9 years, through the ups and down, have two doggies together [ Frank + Stan ], and share a wonderful home in Gilbert, Arizona! I can’t believe it has been 9 years!

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how they asked: On our 9th year anniversary [may 1st, 2015 ] we were invited to go to Rocky Point, Mexico with some good friends. We had not been back in years, and it just so happened to fall over our anniversary weekend. Of course, I was thinking maybe something would happen but there had been no signs. I mean after 9 years you always think maybe something but never get too excited. We had a great weekend swimming, eating at taco stands, banana boat rides, and just relaxing. On the last evening of our stay we were going to dinner so we all ventured down to the beach to watch the sunset. Still, I had no idea. I mean Will isn’t always the most romantic + we were with friends so it just seemed like the thing to do. As we were on the beach we started taking a few pictures. My friend happens to be a wedding photographer so this is not unusual for her to want to take pictures all. the. time. We started do a few funny ones, then she said, Adrienne why don’t we do a few of you…. and then my heart started beating. I walked towards the beach then turned around and walked back. There he was. On one knee, holding this beautiful ring I had pinned 1000 times on pinterest, nervous as can be, shaking. I don’t even remember what he said but we were in Mexico where our love had started exactly 9 years prior and instead of becoming his girlfriend I was becoming his wife. Of course, my answer was YES!

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Photography by Stesha Jordan Photography