Adrienne and Spencer's Romantic Proposal at Alki Beach

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How We Met

We had known each other through friends. I was working at a church, and he joined our internship for his first year. In that year he met my brothers, then girlfriend, Ashley [they are married now]. Hey became great friends and eventually worked together at a restaurant. Ashley was desperate to have him be in the family, and I of course was the only single female available. Eventually, he started to like that idea and pursued me.

how they asked

It started in the morning, I was waiting for a delivery.. There was a knock at the door and my two best friends showed up with a letter at my front door! They grabbed me a change of clothes and we left for the day! I was treated to breakfast at Portage Bay in Seattle. Afterwards, my mom and sisters met us to all get our nails done, and took me to get my make up done by my personal make up artist. We celebrated ones last time with lunch at Purple Cafe and I changed for our last stop. I was blindfolded for the drive, and my sister lead me out of the car to the dock where my blindfold was removed. Our friends Taylor and Caroline were singing “Love you like I’m gonna lose you”, and I walked up to him standing there in this scene.

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Special Thanks

Jordan & Nichole Gibbons
 | Photographer