Adrienne and Kolin

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How We Met

We met at the Palmer House Hilton in Chicago at one of my fraternity’s formal date parties when she was a freshman and me a junior at Northwestern. We both had different dates, and she gave me a fake number! I saw her around campus afterwards and managed to get her real number – and the rest is history.

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how they asked

When I went to speak with her parents in late January, I was given a March 1st deadline to propose but hadn’t come up with a plan yet! So – I had to negotiate an extension with her parents and tell Adrienne that we were going on vacation and to block out March 16th to 21st but not give her any other details. On March 15th – I wrote out a weather forecast for each of our days away along with a dinner schedule so she would know what to pack! She guessed Ventana when she saw the forecast, as we had been there before and it’s a special place for us, and she was correct!

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We flew into San Francisco and spent a night in the city, then drove to Big Sur the next afternoon! The plan was to do the proposal on March 18th, and I was nervous all day. I had worked with Rachel Schanding (she was amazing) to set up a plan – the Coast Gallery had just opened the day before, and it has beautiful vistas of the Pacific. I told Adrienne we had dinner reservations at 6:00 pm PT (since that was 8:00 pm in Chicago) but that we should get there 15 minutes early to check out the new gallery. Throughout the day, to throw Adrienne off, I had suggested moving our dinner reservation to something more casual like The Big Sur Bakery but then told her they didn’t have any reservations available.

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So – as we walked up to the Coast Gallery, we walked in and since there were a few people “shopping” on the right side Adrienne went to the left to browse. I pulled Adrienne out to the balcony to look at the view, which is when/where I did the proposal! Our “shoppers” were Laura, Rachel, and team so that we were able to get some amazing shots of the proposal! Adrienne was in total shock and was not expecting it at all – she had thought it could happen during our trip but I tried to throw her off by saying I wanted it to happen with both of our families there and had her Brother mention something of the like.

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We then went around the Property to take some pictures and went back to the Gallery to have dinner out on the balcony as the sunset. I worked with Rachel to develop a menu that was based on places we had visited with Central Coast inspirations so we had dishes based on our trips to Morocco, Japan, New Zealand and more! It was absolutely beautiful and we will always cherish our night – it was amazing and everything worked out!

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Photographer: Laura & Rachel Photography // Calligrapher: The Heritage Company // Floral Designer: Twigs Floral Design // Linens and Coverings: La Tavola Fine Linen // Ceremony Location: Ventana Big Sur