Adrienne and Kevin

Adrienne and Kevin's Engagement in Dallas Arboretum

How We Met

I met Kevin way back in 2001 the summer before freshmen year of college. He was in a pre college summer program with one of my friends Sonya. Sonya invited me to come hang out at the dorms one night. When I got there she introduced me to this guy that I thought was super cute but I could tell he had a little crush on my friend. This guy was Kevin lol. He was super cool and nice and when everyone decided they wanted to play spades and I said I didn’t know how to play he decided he would be the one to teach me. He was a bad teacher but we became good friends anyway. Many years later in 2014 I’m living in Dallas, TX and I get a call from Kevin telling me he’s moving to Dallas and he’s in town looking for apartments and could I help him in his search. We had such a good time looking for apartments that he didn’t want the day to end and asked me to the movies and dinner that night. To this day he says it was all apart of his genius plan to win my heart

how they asked

Where to Propose in Dallas Arboretum

Kevin told me about three weeks before the proposal that he set up for us to take some professional pictures at the arboretum. I had never been there before and had heard how beautiful it was so I set out to find and outfit that would look good with all the flowers. The day of the proposal I’m running late getting ready and he keeps telling me we have to be there at four because the place closes at five. I think we arrived at 4:20. He introduces me to the photographer and we walk to find a certain spot that looks good. They decide on this certain place in the garden. So the photographer asks us to just act normal and enjoy each other while he snaps some pics. Me and Kevin are laughing and talking and holding hands when he suddenly asks do I believe in us. I’m like of course I do. He continues talking about our relationship and then he dropped to one knee and asked me to marry him. Without a doubt I said YES. All of i sudden I hear screams and cheers. Kevin had invited some of our closests friends to be there to witness it and they were hiding and watching the whole time. It was such a magical day