Adrienne and Jorge

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How We Met

We went to the same high school, Jorge was a friend of my sister (both of which are two years older than me). I never paid much mind to him, he was just my sister’s friend, who quickly became a friend of mine as well. After a month or so into my freshman year of high school, his junior year, I ended up getting his number and we’d text from time to time, again I just seen him as a friend. He, on the other hand, had a different agenda.

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Throughout that school year, we became better friends and Jorge made it know that he wanted to be more than friends, however, I wasn’t thinking the same thing. All of our friends knew how he felt towards me and how I felt toward him, but that didn’t stop him. He chased me and clawed his way into my life because he did not take no for an answer, he was (and still is) very determined. After about a year of talking, texting, hanging out, getting closer, and a few rejections later Jorge and I finally made it officially, lol.

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how they asked

Jorge & I have been dating for 8 & 1/2 years. I attend school during the week, and since Valentine’s Day fell on a Wednesday this year we decided to celebrate it that following Saturday. Which is something we’ve done a few times before because of our schedules? So Saturday came, a normal Saturday, Jorge had to work and I was with my family doing our typical weekend activities. So as the day begins to wind down, I’m at home waiting for Jorge to come get me so we can go to dinner and a movie. As I’m sitting at the kitchen table my parents leave saying they have a meeting to go to, so I pay no mind to it. Then my Tia’s, cousin, and grandma leave the house in the hurry because they were going to “dinner”. Following them, my sister leaves saying she had to go to the store. Mind you they all left the house within a minute span of each other leaving me sitting at the kitchen table by myself, waiting for Jorge to come get me.

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About 20 minutes later I get a call from Jorge saying I need to pick him up so we can go because he was having car problems (he sound very serious/believable on the phone) so not thinking twice I got in the car and drove to his house. Once I get there he comes out dressed nice saying my valentines gift was in the house but he needed to blindfold me to take me to it. Again, I didn’t think twice because he’s blindfolded me for gifts before (Birthday, Christmas, etc.) so he leads me into the house and to the backyard where he has me sit in a chair, still blindfolded, he tells me I can take the blindfold off when he says but I can’t look behind me and I must stay looking forward, I agreed. So I take the blindfold off and in front of me is him & two of his friends all dressed alike information and before I know its music starts playing & they all begin to dance. (If you’ve seen “The Best Man Holiday” they have a rehearsed dancing seen to “Can You Stand The Rain”, this is the dance Jorge and his friends attempted to do.) The dance lasted all of maybe 20 seconds before they each messed up, & busted out the “Carlton”, before Jorge stopped it all together, lol.

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At this point, I am in tears from laughing so hard. He then comes closer to me, still in the chair looking forward, and begins talking to me (unfortunately, I don’t remember a thing of what he told me at that moment) before I know it he’s down on one knee pulls a box out from underneath the chair I’m in & is asking “will you marry me?” to which I replied “are you serious?” followed by a “yes” of course! He then got me up out off the chair turns me around and all of my family (who left me alone at home just 30 minutes earlier) & his family was there clapping and cheering for us!

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