Adrienna and Frank

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Duomo di Milano

How We Met

Frank and I are a #tindersuccessstory! We matched on Tinder and Bumble, but Frank was the first to message. I was taking a break from dating at the time and was deleting all my apps on my phone while I was at work. I was a wedding planner and bridal boutique owner at the time, and we had a huge wedding that weekend (Thanksgiving weekend), so I gave him my phone number to text me. We texted all Thanksgiving weekend long, and I was pretty smitten. He planned out our first date, and even bought an iron so he could iron his shirt before our date! He had just come back from being stationed in Germany so he was still getting settled back home in Savannah.

Our first date was Alligator Soul, with a stop at Leopold’s Ice Cream. I found him super funny and even invited me along to his upcoming trip to Germany. Apparently I wasn’t too forward! While our first date was formal, our second date was at the famous dive bar, The Rail in Savannah. Seeing how he was in both a formal situation and a fun dive bar, really made me like him even more!

How They Asked

Frank proposed 2/12/2020 on the rooftop of the Duomo di Milano while we were living in Italy. Thank goodness he proposed when he did because weeks later we had to evacuate due to COVID-19. Life is an adventure!

Where to Propose in Duomo di Milano

Frank texted me on Monday that his friend had booked a photographer for a rooftop shoot at the Duomo, but his girlfriends plane got canceled so they couldn’t make it (Not too surprising, I knew she was set to arrive Wednesday) He asked if I wanted to do it, so I obviously said heck yes. I mean, who turns down professional pictures?

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Duomo di Milano

I was going to go casual in a sweater, but he wanted to wear khakis so I wore the only dress I had in Italy and my not so cute boots. Good thing I brushed my hair, because right after he popped the question right as we got to the rooftop! He knew how much I wanted a photographer there and found the perfect photographer to capture our moment. Marta was so excited for us and even went to the spot a few ahead of time to find the perfect spot for him to ask.

Adrienna's Proposal in Duomo di Milano

He got me my dream ring, the Lindy by Heidi Gibson. I may or may not have tagged him on Instagram dozens of times every time Heidi Gibson posted the ring. One of the first things he asked after the proposal was “You’ll stop tagging me in ring pictures now, right?” I’ve upheld my promise.

Proposal Ideas Duomo di Milano

Special Thanks

Marta Guenzi
 | Photographer