Amazingly Beautiful Beach Proposal | Adriano + Julianne

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How We Met, Her Story: Adriano and I met through our previous company. We both had hit our sales goals and qualified for a trip to Atlantis in the Bahamas. We had some mutual friends in the company that introduced us and once we met we spent the majority of the trip together! After the week-long vacation was over we had another hurdle to overcome, I lived in North Carolina and he lived in New Jersey. Adriano surprised me 2 weeks after we left the Atlantis and flew to Charlotte to see me. We spent the next 6 months going back and forth dating long distance and then we decided to move to Florida together. It’s been a little over 2 years now and we are thankful every day that we worked hard enough that year to qualify for that company trip! Everything happens for a reason.

Proposal Story, Her Story: Adriano and I had a trip planned to go to St Petersburg Beach for Labor Day weekend. We arrived at the gorgeous Don Cesar Resort and before dinner Adriano told me he wanted to take a walk on the beach to watch the sunset, which I happily agreed to. The beach was absolutely perfect as the sun was setting. After walking and chatting for about 10 min or so Adriano started talking about the many sunsets we have seen all over the world together….from that moment on I don’t really remember what happened.

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All of a sudden he was on one knee and he pulled from his pocket the most beautiful canary diamond ring I’ve ever seen.

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Of course I said YES and after hugging and kissing for a while, he pointed across the beach to a photographer that he had hired to capture the entire moment!

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These photos I have are priceless and I couldn’t be happier to always have them to look back on. It was a perfect weekend!

Marriage Proposal on the Beach_133834_low Marriage Proposal on the Beach_133826_low His story: Julianne and I had a long weekend trip planned to go to St. Petersburg Beach. Since it was a trip that we decided on pretty quickly, with not a ton of planning going into it, I knew Julianne wouldn’t suspect anything out of the ordinary, especially not a sunset proposal on the beach. Even though I was confident that she would be surprised, there were still a couple hurdles we had to get through. About half way through our drive to the west coast of Florida, the skies started to change, which was one of the hurdles. The weather. As we pulled into the Don Cesar hotel on St. Pete Beach, the drizzle turned into a full out downpour. With a couple hours to kill before sunset, Julianne and I headed to the hotel bar and watched the rain and wind batter the windows. Needless to say, I was pretty worried about everything and continued to check my phone for weather updates as well as texting with the photographer to keep her updated on the weather situation. Fortunately for us and this story, the rain started to subside and we went back to the room to get ready for our pre-dinner walk on the beach to watch the sunset. As we walked out to pool area, there came hurdle #2. Julianne. She didn’t want to actually walk on the beach to see the sunset, but instead wanted to watch from the pool deck so she wouldn’t get sand on her pants. After much persuasion, she reluctantly agreed to walk on the beach with me. We walked over to where I had a photographer stationed pretending to take sunset pictures, so she could candidly capture the moment. The sunset reminded me of all the sunsets that Julianne and I have seen together all over the world. That made for a perfect moment for me to tell Julianne how I feel about her, get down on one knee, and ask her to marry me. The rain tried to get in the way, but it turned out to be a great start to a great weekend.

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Photos by Contemporary Captures Photography