Adrianna and Patrick

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Crater Lake National Park

How We Met

Patrick and I met at orientation on our first day at our new jobs. (We actually sat at the same table, I know cute right?) I had been hired to be an administrative assistant for his boss. We started as friends, then best friends, then dating. When we first started dating he kept it hush, because technically I worked for his boss. After sometime I ended up getting a promotion, switching departments, and we didn’t really have to hide it anymore.

how they asked

Patrick and I recently went on a three week long RV trip across 11 states. We recently moved to Colorado for Patrick to go to grad school, and decided to take a big trip before he is tied down with his studies. Just about half way through the trip we stopped at crater lake. I am a photographer/blogger so naturally I blogged the whole three week trip and proposal. Her is the excerpt below. It could not have been more perfect for us and one of the best settings to get in engaged in. I still cant believe we are getting married, it has been like a dream. After our morning breakfast we started our journey to Crater Lake National Park. It was a short drive from the campsite, only an hour and a half, which was nice compared to what our drives have been so far. We entered the park and went to the first lookout we could find on the West side of the lake. I got out of the RV first while Patrick changed into pants before joining me. The view was breathtaking. Probably the best view we have seen so far. The water was the brightest blue, surrounded by green trees and patches of snow. After taking a few pictures on my own, Patrick joined me and mentioned that we should walk up to a high view point. What happens next I never expected. We reach the top and take a few more photos, and are apart from the few people below enjoying the view. I turn to walk back down the hill towards the RV. Patrick calls my name, and when I turn around he is getting down on one knee. I immediately realize what is happening and start crying. I even ask him if he is serious a few times (of course he is serious, dummy). The rest is a little fuzzy, between my ugly crying and barely hearing what he said. I said yes before he even asked. Once he asked, I kissed him, said yes again, and gave him a huge hug. It was the proposal of my dreams and I cannot wait for what our future holds. Don’t mind me while I’m up on cloud nine for the rest of our trip. Crater Lake has been my favorite location so far and you can all guess why.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Crater Lake National Park

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Crater Lake National Park

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