Adrianna and Kevin

How We Met

We’ve been together since the start of my freshman year of college in January 2009. Like any couple, we’ve had our ups and downs, but we’ve made it through and have become stronger as a result. After 5 years of periodic long distance, we moved in together, and have never been apart for more than a few days since. He drives me crazy sometimes, but I couldn’t imagine life with anyone else. No one makes me laugh harder. We balance each other out and are each other’s biggest support system. Two years ago, I made the decision to pursue a Ph.D. and he couldn’t be a better partner during this highly stressful and intense period in my life.

how they asked

Kevin and I made the decision that for Christmas this year ( as well as our anniversary and birthdays) that we were not going to buy each other gifts. Instead, we were going to save and go on a vacation somewhere and create lasting memories instead of buying each other more things we really didn’t need. We decided to book a trip that would see us in London and Paris for New Years. It was Kevin’s first trip abroad, my third to London but first to Paris and we were both extremely excited. We started planning exactly what we wanted to do about 9 months in advance.

I explained to Kevin that in London, we could go and see whatever he wanted, but I had one request. It was the 20th anniversary of the release of the first Harry Potter book and the British Library created a special exhibit that would be open while we were in town. I wanted to visit the exhibit and stop across the street at Kings Cross Station to pose for a photo of me heading through Platform 9 3/4. Kevin was more than willing to go to the exhibit, even though his interest and knowledge of Harry Potter as only been absorbed through 8 years of a relationship with someone like me. He offered to do one better though, not only would we visit the exhibit, but he purchased tickets for us to visit the Warner Brothers Studio in Leavesden where we could see the sets and props from the Harry Potter films. I was beyond excited.

Our first day in London was great, we arrived early in the morning, checked into the hotel and freshened up before immediately leaving to start sightseeing. We didn’t have to meet with the rest of our group until dinner and we wanted to get in as much time in the city as we could. That night, Kevin was really sick and I was worried we wouldn’t be able to enjoy the trip we had spent so long planning. Not wanting to miss anything, Kevin was able to pull himself together enough to take a guided tour of London with the group, visit a few sites, and even do some shopping. Unfortunately, we had to cancel a brewery tour that he was looking forward to. I kept asking if he was sure he wanted to miss out on the tour, I knew it was something he really wanted to do, but he kept pushing that he needed to rest because he wanted to feel better for our tour at the studio the next day.

The following morning, he felt much better, and I was excited to head to the studio. The day went off without a hitch. We left early, went on the London Eye and did a little sightseeing before heading out to Leavesden. I had a smile on my face the entire day. From the moment they opened the doors to the Great Hall (I may have cried a little…) until the moment we returned to London, I was in awe. It was amazing to see how my favorite book series ( that got me through some pretty rough times) was brought to life. On our return journey to London, Kevin was quiet. I was worried he might be feeling sick again and I kept asking if he felt alright to which he assured me “I’m fine” but I could tell something wasn’t quite right with him. We decided that since we were both starving, we were going to drop off our stuff at the hotel (of course I bought a ton of Harry Potter souvenirs from the studio) and then head across the street to the pub we wanted to try.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in London

We arrived back at the room and I stepped into the bathroom to touch up my makeup. I could hear Kevin fumbling around with something inside the room and when I came out ready to grab my coat and leave, he stopped me and said he had something he wanted to give me before we left. I was confused, didn’t this man just say he was hungry? But I didn’t question him. He began speaking rather quickly, I could tell he was nervous but I couldn’t figure out why. After giving me a bracelet that had the coordinates for London on it “to remember our trip by” he went into a monologue about how much he loves me and how no matter where we are, he will always be there to support me and stand by my side. I was confused, I didn’t know what was happening. He still had his coat on, why is he telling me all these things right before dinner?

Before I knew it, Kevin pulled a golden snitch from his pocket. He said “It’s broken, and I’ll explain in a minute, but before I do…” and he dropped to one knee, opened the snitch and inside was my beautiful ring. Immediately I burst into tears. We were together nearly 9 years and I had all but given up hope that he would ask any time soon, but there we were. My favorite person asked me to marry him in my favorite city in the world, and he managed to incorporate my favorite book. I couldn’t have asked for a better, more thoughtful proposal. Of course, I said yes, but quickly followed it with “It’s about time, you ass.”

Wedding Proposal Ideas in London

For those wondering, he broke the wing trying to put the snitch ring box together back home in the states and he repaired it before we left, and hid it in his bag. The fumbling around that I heard earlier was him trying to fix the wing after he broke it again trying to put it together for the big moment. I wouldn’t expect anything less from him. It made the proposal that much more special. We spent the next week enjoying the rest of our time in London and Paris enjoying our new engagement before returning home to tell everyone he’d finally asked.