Adrianna and Jerett

How We Met

Jerett and I met three years ago, in the way you usually meet your future spouse – browsing the alcohol section of our local grocery store. After a quick back and forth, I reluctantly gave him my number and then proceeded to blow him off for an entire month. Jerett never did give up and on a random Tuesday I agreed to our fateful first date. We came to find that not only did we grow up less than a mile away from each other, but we also attended the same elementary AND high school. After a few tacos and a few too many margaritas, we spent the entire night together and pretty much every day afterwards.

how they asked

Fast forward three years, we found ourselves planning an anniversary trip to the most romantic city in the world, Paris! Jerett and I are both in the airline industry so its hard to get our schedules to line up perfectly, but we had managed to get 10 whole days off together.

We landed in Europe on our actual anniversary but, jet lagged and exhausted we decided to postpone our celebrating for a couple of days. When it came time for a night out on the town, Jerett suggested we go to the infamous Bir-Hakeim bridge in Paris beforehand to take a couple of pictures. As someone that would do just about “anything for the ‘gram” I was super excited and made sure I looked picture perfect. We hopped into our Uber and arrived just in time to see someone else to being proposed to. Feeling a little envious I suggested we cross the street and wait for the lucky couple to take their pictures and leave. Jerett and I wait around for almost an hour before we finally had the bridge to ourselves, at this point I am freezing and anxious to get a drink when he asks a good samaritan to take a a few snapshots for us. I approved then quickly and felt more than ready to move onto a warmer place, but Jerett stops me in my tracks.

He grabs my hands and next thing I know, Jerett is down on one knee asking me to be his wife!! I am stunned, crying and over the moon at this point, but just as I turn around, I see that the kind stranger was actually our amazing photographer, Karina, capturing every moment of his Jerett’s proposal.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Paris, France

Proposal Ideas Paris, France

To top off the best day of my life, Karina guided us through the streets of Paris for the next hour, taking the most incredible pictures with the Eiffel Tower as our background. We ended the night with dinner at the top of the Eiffel tower and lots of champagne, I truly could not have asked for a better anniversary present than getting engaged to my best friend!

Special Thanks

Karina Leigh
 | Photographer