Adrianna and Colin

how we met

We met on August 22, 2013 in Jones Hall at Randolph-Macon College. Well, maybe we didn’t “meet” just yet… but was the first time we saw each other and there began a series of instances that told me he was meant to be in my life. I just moved onto campus for cheerleading preseason and had just finished up my first meeting. I made the short walk from the Brock Center to my dorm and noticed my suitemates’ door open. I popped my head in to introduce myself where I found one girl sitting on the floor and another surrounded by a pile of jack rogers sandals. They both ended up being my sorority sisters a year later. Moriah (the crazy shoe lady) was struggling to put a shelf together to show off her collection. After we all smacked the corners of the contraption a few times, Moriah stormed off and in a huff she said “this is what football players are for.” She quickly returned with two guys following closely behind. The first was talkative and determined to solve the problem, the second was my husband. I looked up to see a shiny gold cross sitting over a (too small) light blue football shirt, red hair, and a goofy smile that I would come to love. He was tall, in pretty darn good shape, and easy on the eyes. My heart leapt from my chest and I quickly ran away. Like literally. I made an awkward noise meant to excuse myself, and ran from the doorway of my suitemates’ room to giggling in mine faster than the speed of light. I texted my soon-to-be roommate that I had met the love of my life. I didn’t know his name, how old he was, where he lived, if he was even single… but I was convinced he was mine. I feel like I sound insane… I probably was, but it all worked out so it’s fine, right? A few days later my roommate moved in, we got her settled, and went to explore. We walked down the hall to what I soon found out was the boys side, and I saw him. He was leaning up against a door just a few feet away from me. I gripped my poor roommates arm (who i’d only really known for a couple hours) and whispered “that’s him.” In my head I kept screaming at myself *stay cool, stay cool, stay cool* as we passed him. I was so focused that I almost didn’t hear him call out “hey” – I took a chance that it was meant for me and turned around (real cool like) and said “hey.” Time slowed down, the hall got dark, and it was just us. I was actually living in a movie. He smiled, “do you know what my name is?” as if he had just read my thoughts; “no.” Finally the man of my dreams had a name; “it’s Colin.” Then time sped back up… I panicked, said “it’s nice to meet you, Colin,” and gripped my roommates are coming tighter as I pulled her along and out the door. The next day we started freshman orientation full of lame speeches, name games, etc. after about an hour of meeting many oh-so-awkward college freshman we were finally sorted into our orientation groups. First of all, my Orientation Leader was/is awesome (s/o to you Alyssa). So I’m standing in this small pool of people and listening to my OL introduce herself and explain the first icebreaker when two guys come walking up a little flustered, a little upset about not being with their friends, and a little embarrassed that they had to be escorted over. It was him. I did a double take. Yup. Anddd no one to hold on to for support. After the first icebreaker (I couldn’t tell you what it was) our OL began to explain the next one, we shuffled the group up a bit and Colin was much closer to me this time… *breathe* I reminded myself. I snapped back to reality just in time to realize what we were doing… Pterodactyl. You have to look at the person next to you, pretend to be a pterodactyl, make a funny face, and try to get them to laugh. Nope. I was NOT about to embarrass myself in front of this guy for a THIRD time. So I did the only thing I could think of – I ran away… again… but not as far this time, I promise! I excused myself and awkwardly sat down on a bench only a few feet from the group. Lost in my thoughts of “what if she (our OL) makes me get back up?” “What if I look stupid?” and “Maybe I should just transfer..?” I was a little startled to feel someone sitting next to me. Correction; sitting with me. We talked, I couldn’t tell you what about… and kind of never stopped. After sitting out of God knows how many icebreakers together, we had lunch together, exchanged numbers, hung out in the little free time we had, and as soon as preseason was over spent almost every night together (sorry mom). The rest is history, we’ve been together ever since!

how they asked

It was definitely a surprise. I had been frustrated that all of our friends around us were getting engaged, that I still had a whole year of grad school, and that life just wasn’t moving forward. Little did I know, Colin was working in secret (while living together!) to make it all happen. The poor guy had to sit around and listen to me complain about how we weren’t engaged while he was planning the proposal all along. He had reached out to one of my grad school classmates (and friend, now bridesmaid!) who had taken photos of us before. The poor girl also had to hear me complain and keep the secret – thanks Kendall!! I thought it was just another fall photo shoot and was excited to get some Christmas card photos to use. The whole morning I was running around stressing out about his outfit, my hair, the props (a blanket), and he had to calm ME down. What? How the heck did he keep his cool?? We walked around the Lake Matoaka Amphitheater at William & Mary taking some photos in the woods, then Colin requested we go to the dock overlooking the lake. While we were out there, he turned to me and grabbed my hands. He told me he loved me, I replied; “I love you too” and continued to focus on photos thinking that he should start looking at the camera right about now… he said it again “I love you” and I looked at him like “okay” when I saw that he was nervous. I thought “Is this it? No way, it can’t be”… before I knew it he was down on one knee with a ring box in his hand. I was speechless. When he asked me to marry him my response was “for real?” I still don’t know if in that moment I ever said yes… we went through the rest of the photo shoot and it was a blur. Honestly the whole rest of the day is kind of fuzzy for me. It didn’t feel real until the next morning when we went out to brunch to celebrate just the two of us. Later I finally asked him about it and he said that the ring was literally under our bed and I never found it!

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