Adriana and Jose

Adriana De and Jose Eduardo's Engagement in Orange Grove in Riverside

How We Met

Jose Eduardo a.k.a. Lalo, which is how he goes by, and I (Adriana) met in college in 2012, our 3rd year. We had dated for a couple months and he confessed that he really liked me really early on, but he told me in Spanish so it sounded even more passionate. I freaked out and told him that I didn’t feel the same way, so we stopped dating.

The universe didn’t want us to be together then, but our paths were to meet again. Years went by and then came summer 2015, I was taking a summer class and he messaged me through Snapchat. Mind you he only ever used Snapchat for that reason, he isn’t a social media kind of person haha. We went out for frozen yogurt that day and we talked for hours. I knew then that he was the kind of man I wanted to spend forever with. I never understood why my past self never saw him that way, but I’m sure glad my future self did.

After that we went out at least twice a week because he lived in Riverside and I lived in Los Angeles, so there was quite a commute, especially in the LA traffic. Our firat date is one we never will forget because it makes us laugh so hard. We went out to the Griffith Observatory and later went to grab some pizza, we couldn’t find parking so Lalo parked inside the parking lot of a church. We ate and walked outside and come to find that the gate to the lot was locked! We walked all over the place and there was no open door. So we ended up getting a ride from my cousin to my home and he ubered from LA to Riverside. That was his first uber ride, ever! His friend drove him the next morning to pick up his car from the church parking lot. Moral of the story, never park in a church parking lot! But it’s a memory we will cherish forever.

After that, it’s history. He is the man of my dreams and I’m sure happy that he came back into my life!!!

how they asked

Lalo and I were walking my dog Mariachi when he gets a phone call from his friend inviting us to go wine tasting in Temecula on Sunday. I was nodding my head saying no while we were walking because that was our 2 year anniversary weekend and I just wanted to spend it with him. He told his friend that we would definetly go with them and I just gave him a thumbs down. Friday came (our actually anniversary date) and we went out to eat at our favorite Italian restaurant. We had a great time and ate really yummy food. Saturday came and Lalo was going to be helping my parents out at our orange grove putting up a roof for the horse stables we had. I ended up getting out of work early that day and called them up saying that I was heading their way. My mom quickly said that I should stay home and rest, since I never really get a rest day. I called Lalo and he told me the same thing. So I spent my Saturday with my dog watching movies. Sunday came, wine tasting day and Lalo came really early to have breakfast with me and my family. My parents said they were heading to the orange grove that day and my younger sister was going too, when she never goes. We were going to pick up my dad there to go see a horse trailer we were interested in before heading to Temecula. My parents leave and Lalo and I end up leaving 30 minutes later. I still didn’t want to go wine tasting, but Lalo kept insisting we go. He was rushing through traffic and went the opposite way because he said he needed to pick up something from his house first. Then we head to the orange grove to pick up my dad, but once we get there Lalo gets out of the truck and opens the door and asks me to put this black bag over my head. All I remember thinking is “WHAT’S HAPPENING!” He walks me through the trees while I’m blindfolded and just decides to pick me up since I kept crashing. We finally stop and he takes off the bag and tells me to open my eyes. He is on one knee in front of me holding the most beautiful ring and to my right is my family and his with a beautiful table set up. I immediately start to cry when I see him and when I see my sister who he flew down from Kansas. I said YES!!! It was the best proposal EVER!!! The whole wine tasting story was a cover up all along and that explained why they didn’t want me to go to the orange grove on Saturday because everyone was setting up the beautiful table.