Adriana and John

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How We Met

I first met John our sophomore year of high school in biology class when we were both just 15. I immediately thought he was cute and had a crush on him from the beginning. We always got along and looked forward seeing each other in class or the hallways. Of course it was the typical high school sweetheart cliché- he was on the football team and I was a cheerleader (no eye rolls please, haha!). Over the next couple of years we stayed friends, but I always had a crush on him.

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I invited him to my sweet 16 where we shared a dance in front of my entire family even though no one knew who he was. During the fall of senior year we began hanging out more outside of school and after football games. After the holiday break at an awards dinner for the football team, where friends and family attend, John finally pulled me to the side and asked me to be his girlfriend. A few months later we went on our high school’s senior trip to Oahu, Hawaii. It was ten days of fun in the sun and John topped it off with a romantic “promposal” in the sand; what more could a girl ask for?

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how they asked

Fast forward over 8 years later, John and I have been through it all. We’ve gone from a couple of young teenagers to two adults excited to start our lives together. We helped each other through college, traveled together, and are now both working hard saving for our future. As you can imagine, after all this time, I was becoming a little restless and wondering when John was going to pop the question. He always reassured me “It will happen – don’t worry”. Little did I know he was already shopping around for the perfect ring. If you know me you know that I’m just a little (read very) nosey and John basically had to be a secret agent to buy the ring, ask for my father’s blessing, and plan the engagement without me knowing a thing. The only person he told from the beginning was my best friend Danielle. Since Danielle and her sister Nicole are both into photography John wanted their help capturing the moment when he asked my hand in marriage.

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The Wednesday before 4th of July weekend John called me and made up a story his buddy from work couldn’t use a Groupon for a lunch reservation to Oheka Castle in Long Island, New York and said that we were going to use it. I was immediately suspicious (remember the nosey thing). I spent the next couple of days interrogating my family and my best friend Danielle trying to figure out if this was the day. They all deserve academy awards for their performances. I didn’t suspect a thing; at this point I didn’t think John was going to ask and I figured that I might as well just enjoy the fancy lunch!

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The drive out to Oheka Castle was a little awkward. I was down in the dumps. John could tell his plan was working. He suggested we have some drinks before lunch, but I said no that I have to use the restroom. As I said before, John was going to use Danielle and Nicole to help with photography. They arrived an hour early to do some recon and set up shop. I almost crossed paths with them when I went to restroom! The staff had to hurry them back into their secret room. The whole surprise was almost ruined! As I was in the restroom John told the staff that when he grabs my hand that was the signal to send out the friend photography team. When I met John back outside, he was sitting down with our drinks. He kept playing it off as if nothing was going to happen and he just wanted to have a nice lunch together. Before I knew it, he dropped down to one knee and asked me to be his wife. It all happened so fast! His secret “paparazzi” came out and caught the moment as it happened. Later that night we celebrated with family and friends. I’ve been on cloud nine ever since and I can’t wait to tie the knot with the man of my dreams.

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Special Thanks

Nicole Balbone
 | Photographer
Danielle Balbone
 | Best Friend