Adriana and Devin

Adriana and Devin's Engagement in Front Royal, VA

How We Met

I met Devin through POF an online site on September 7,2016. I had never been on a dating site before and was afraid to go on one because you never know who is behind the screen, but I went on it because a friend said it was a good site and that afternoon when I got home I created my account quickly and so happen to see Devin and he caught my attention because he had this big blue eyes in his profile picture and said he was a christian guy. I clicked on his profile and sent him a message saying hi, and a few minutes later he replied and said hi back and asked for my number and said he would text me when he got home from work. That evening I got a text from him and we started talking and the more I got to know him through text the more I wanted to meet him in person. Two days later we met for the first time at IHOP for breakfast and when I saw him I thought he was very attractive but seemed very serious and so we sat down and ate and got to know each other and when I got back home I was thinking I hope he’ll text me and ask me to go out again and so he did and the following weekend I went to his house and by then I knew he had to be interested in me if he was inviting me to his house. When I got to his house I was nervous but tried to play it cool and pretend I wasn’t nervous at all and when I met his family I thought these people are too nice. The day went on and when I was about to leave we got on the four wheeler and went to the top of his house where he has picnic tables and one of the best views and we sat down and he said I have a question for you and I said ok and then he proceeded to ask will you be my girlfriend and I said sure. And the rest is history.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Front Royal, VA

how they asked

On August 26,2017, I went over to Devin’s house and we went to his grandma’s house to visit her and help her do stuff around the house and on the way back to his house to get ready to go to dinner one of his tires blew up and I thought we will not be able to go to dinner tonight and he said yea it’ll just be a late dinner.

So we got the tire fixed at a gas station and headed to his house to get ready and as I was getting ready and all elegant I thought maybe he’ll propose tonight. We left for dinner and I thought if he is going to do it he will do it either before or right after dinner. We got to the restaurant and he didn’t do it and I didn’t see anything squared in his pockets and so after dinner we went to Walmart and I’m thinking it’ll probably not happen today. On the way back to his house we stopped at McDonald’s and he was wanting to go inside to get food for his family instead of going through the drive thru and I said lets go through the drive thru because it is empty so we did. When we got out of McDonald’s he pulled into this parking lot and so I thought he is probably going to check something in his car and so I got out and once I got out he asked me to marry him and said the sweetest words as I started to cry like a little girl. It was a long day but at the end it was the best day.