Adriana and Andrew

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How We Met

Adriana: In August 2014 we were hired together and started working for American Medical Response, the ambulance company which serves Monterey county. We got to know each other in our new hire academy but never had the chance to work together. I thought Andrew was handsome the first day I saw him. After coming back from lunch during our training academy I overheard Andrew say “id never want to go to Vegas with my girlfriend”. I thought “Oh man, not another one”. We talked briefly if we ran into each other at the hospitals, but we were nothing more than close acquaintances. One day Andrew was working in Marina, Ca while I was running errands with my mom. My mom and I pulled up to Andrew’s ambulance at an intersection, rolled down the window and started talking. For some reason, I didn’t recognize Andrew until we drove away. Embarrassed, I sent him a text message to apologize. Since then, the texts have never stopped, and I learned he wasn’t like any other guy. After a few months, we had everyone convinced we were dating, but we were still fighting moving past being “just friends”. That stage didn’t last long and we became inseparable, and have been to Vegas three times since.

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Andrew: Adriana and I met when we got hired together at American Medical Response. I first noticed Adriana when we were testing for a job at AMR. We were scheduled to do the written portion of the testing process. She walked into the room wearing her business attire and I thought “Oh my god who is that she’s so fine! … I know her from somewhere”. As time went on, Adriana and I were co-workers and on a friend only basis. We would talk and say hi in passing, but that was about it. One day I was driving the ambulance and she pulled up next to us at a red light, I waived and said hi. She waved back and said hi but I could tell she didn’t recognize me. The light turned green and we went our separate ways.

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When I got back to Marina quarters, I looked at my phone and had a text from Adriana. The text was her apologizing for not recognizing me, and basically, since that text, we have not stopped texting. We texted and talked as just friends for a while before anything progressed. As we got to know each other, we figured out our paths had crossed before. We both went to MPC, took a class together and even did a group project together, what a small world or Monterey is a small town. Either way, it’s cool to know we had interacted in the past and figured it out. Everything with us has been meant to be and I couldn’t have wished for a more amazing best friend, companion, and lifelong partner. Adriana brings out the best in me and I love who we are together. I love you, Adriana, can’t wait for everything with you, can’t wait!

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how they asked

During the past year and a half, Andrew was hired as a firefighter paramedic for Monterey County Regional Fire District, and I had just finished my third semester of nursing school. Andrew planned a lunch date at Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur to celebrate. After an amazing lunch, he insisted we go to “shell beach”, our secret secluded little beach on the Big Sur coast. It was freezing and windy, but I agreed to go for a short walk. On the way down to the beach, we saw a state parks lifeguard truck parked on the side of the highway. I hoped no one was in trouble, and thought we probably shouldn’t be walking towards the water, but we continued walking down the trail.

As we walked around the hillside there was a white rose on the side of the trail. I was surprised to see it and jumped over it to avoid stepping on it. Andrew denied seeing it. As we walked through the ice plant and approached the beach, there were more roses. Dozens of white long stem roses lined the trail. We followed the trail down the hill to the edge of the hillside where there was a circle of roses. Andrew took my hand and walked me into the circle and proposed against the crashing waves and beautiful Big Sur sunset.

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As if that wasn’t amazing enough, Carol was the icing on the cake and was in disguise capturing everything! Her husband was also there and drove his state parks lifeguard truck, to capture the proposal from the top of the hill!

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Special Thanks

Carol Oliva Photography
 | Photographer