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Every Christmas Aj and I exchange gifts at midnight, it’s a tradition we’ve had since we started dating three years ago. This Christmas, we decided to exchange gifts at his house. I gave him his gift first, a coffee machine and a New Jersey Devils tumbler.

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He handed me a huge box, before I could unwrap it he told me not to, because he still had to set up the second part of the gift. Confused at first, I agreed to wait and as he left the room he said he would call me when it was done. A few minutes pass and my heart started pounding and my hands began to shake in anticipation. He finally calls and tells me to unwrap the gift, it was a huge white James Allen box. I eagerly opened the box to find a note that read “You light up my world, now you have to find me…” I realized what was happening, he was going to propose.

I started crying and was trembling as I made my way downstairs. In the reflection of one of the windows in the basement, I saw lights strung up everywhere. I ran outside to find the Christmas lights were carefully shaped into a question mark and a heart. Aj was standing in the middle of the heart shape lights waiting for me (talk about Grey’s Anatomy vibes). The only words I could manage to say were “Oh my God” as I made my way to him. When I got close he pulled me lovingly into his arms and said “Babe let’s spend forever together.” He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I always dreamt of this day and I never thought it would be as perfect as it was. Luckily his stepmom, Victoria, was able to record the whole thing so we can relive this moment forever. I can’t wait to start this chapter of my life with the love of my life.

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