Adrian and Jackie's Airport Proposal

Airport Terminal Proposal (5)How we met – by Adrian: I first saw Jackie at a friend’s house. I was instantly attracted to her & knew I wanted to flirt with her in some way. There was a “sheesha” or “hookah” at the house & I was attempting to get it going. Jackie decided to come & help me set it up, but being the “macho man”, I told her that I didn’t need her help.

Turned out that Jackie is Arabic & had set up hookahs many times before. I on the other hand, had no idea what I was doing. Safe to say our first encounter didn’t go very smoothly, but over the next 5+ years we became best friends & eventually partners!

How we met – by Jackie: We met at a friend’s barbecue, our first encounter was an argument. I thought he was arrogant but when we started talking more often and conversations were getting longer and going later, I realized he was funny and understanding.

how they asked – by Adrian: I contacted Toronto Pearson International Airport when Jackie left for a 3 week trip to Kenya. Knowing that she would have little to no contact with her friends & family during this time, I knew it would be a perfect opportunity to shop around for a ring without getting caught! I asked Jackie’s parents for her hand in marriage & told her 4 Brothers & Sisters one by one, while secretly videotaping their reactions!

The Toronto Airport was extremely accommodating & allowed me to play music throughout the Terminal. Upon Jackie’s arrival, one of the Airport staff escorted Jackie from the luggage area to give her “a message.” Once Jackie was in sight, we turned the music on & I met her in the middle of the Terminal. I suppose the rest is history after that!

how they asked – by Jackie: He asked me to marry him the day I got back from a 3 week service trip to Kenya. I hadn’t spoken to him at all in 3 weeks so I was already nervous and excited to see him. A lady from the airport in Toronto met me in the terminal and said she had an important message waiting for me at the info desk. I was worried it was something bad – I couldn’t get a hold of any family members. As I was escorted to the info desk “I wanna grow old with you” from Wedding Singer started playing in the airport and he turned the corner with the most nervous look on his face. I immediately began crying and embraced every second of that song with him. I still wasn’t expecting him to get down on that knee! I was so caught up in the moment and happy to see him.

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Airport Terminal Proposal

Videography by ill Productions