Ruby and Austin's Adorable "Up"-Themed Proposal

How we met: A year ago, last fall, we were introduced by two of our best friends. My childhood friend, McCale, had married Austin’s mission companion and close friend, James. Austin and James had just returned from a 9-week backpacking trip in Central America and James had just asked McCale to marry him. We were introduced sometime around August and our first date was on December 21, 2013. He took me to City Creek, where we had dinner and finished our Christmas shopping and we just hit it off.

how they asked: On November 1, 2014, I had a feeling Austin was going to propose to me. He took me on a hike, which I love, and took out his phone to get a video recording of us. The first thought to run through my mind was, “Oh my gosh. Here it is! He’s going to propose and catch it on film!”. He set his phone down, still recording us, walked over to me, knelt down, and told me to smile for the camera. I was kinda bummed. I really thought he was going to propose. Driving down from our hike, he pulled off the road to this dam/little lake that I’d been wanting to go to. We got out, and he walked me over to the dock. On the dock, it was set up to look like the living room from the movie “Up”.

Balloons were tied to the dock. We walked over to the chairs, and sitting on it was a photo album titled “Our Adventure Book”. Flipping through the album, there were photos from the very beginning of our relationship all the way to some of our most recent photos. I flipped through and found a blank page. He said, “I’m ready to create more adventures together,” he got down on his knee and asked, “Ruby-Elizabeth, will you marry me?”.

I was crying too hard to say yes and just hugged him. It was easily the best day ever.