Bailey and Chris' Adorable Surprise Proposal in London

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How We Met

This is the worst part of the whole thing! We met on….. get ready….. TINDER! So embarrassing and I absolutely hate it. But I would always tease with my best friend and say how funny it would be if I met my husband on Tinder. Then I did! We knew the story of how we met was so lame and I think that was motivation for Chris to have an awesome proposal!

how they asked

I was on a backpacking trip with my sister, Annie. We had chosen 6 European countries to visit and planned out an entire month to see them all! I begged Chris to come, but he had just been hired into a new job and there was no way he was going to get a month off work when he hadn’t even worked there for a month yet!

So my sister and I left and about three weeks into the trip we landed in London with plans to visit our friend James. The first day in London James had to work, but while he was working he text us and told us how his co-workers were renting a private patio for a swanky party! He mentioned how he wasn’t sure what we had to wear since we had been backpacking and generally you don’t take fancy clothes… but he suggested some places to go shopping and told us to spend the day shopping then we could all meet back at his apartment and head to the party!

We went shopping all day but I felt kind of odd getting all fancy and going to party when Chris wasn’t going to be there. So anything my sister chose to wear, I just chose something one step down so she would get all the attention and not me! She was getting frustrated and I could not understand why! finally I settled on a simple black dress and some blush pink heels with matching earrings. I figured I had already gone through one pair of sneakers and would be throwing them out, so now I had room for a pair of heel in my pack.

We went to the apartment and got ready. When James got home he quickly got dressed and we left! We must have been running early because we stopped and grabbed some fish and chips. As we finished James pulled a small bottle of mouthwash from his backpack and offered us all some. He told us he didn’t want us to be nervous about having fish breath when meeting his friends. I didn’t think much of it and we continued on towards Tower Bridge.

We got to St Katherine’s Docks and James told us his friends would just meet us here because he was unsure exactly where the party was. He started pointing across the water talking about a boat when I felt a tap on my shoulder. The video shows to rest from there! My sister and James were there to snap pictures and get the video!

I was truly so shocked that I almost fell on my knees! I could not believe it!

Turns out Chris had flown in the night before and had spent all day searching for the perfect spot to propose! Once he found it he told James to meet him there at sunset. We were so lucky because the rest of our time in London it rained heavily all day long! This was the only day that week with sunshine.

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