Stacey and Trevor's Adorable Scrapbook Proposal on the Beach

Stacey and Trevor Surprise Marriage Proposal on the Beach (2)

How We Met: Stacey and I first met in March 2014. It was just a quick hello/introduction at a mutual friend’s house and then we both went our separate ways. Of course, I thought to myself, “Who was that beautiful girl and why don’t I know her yet?” About two months went by before we had any other contact. Shortly after Stacey moved in to the local church congregation, I was assigned to check in on her from time to time. She called me up in May needing some help – I still have the voicemail she left me that evening! I made sure to check in on her each and every month after that.

After just a few months I had a major crush on this girl! I was frequently asking her to see if she wanted rides home from work or if she wanted to go get Thai food, which I knew was her favorite.

In November, I decided to ask her out on an official first date to do something I knew she just couldn’t say no to: the Dallas Mavericks vs. Washington Wizards basketball game. Just a few weeks before, she mentioned she was a huge Mavs fan. I immediately went and found when the Mavs were in town and purchased tickets. Just as I thought, she didn’t say no! We went to the game, which the Mavs won, and had a pretty good time. I was really nervous, because I liked this girl so much! I’m sure I was awkward the whole time, she’s too sweet to say otherwise!

We talked and texted almost every day after that. I still offered rides home from work and to get her a Dr. Pepper, which I knew was her favorite, on the way. I wanted to take Stacey out to see A Christmas Carol at Ford’s Theater, so I asked her one day after church. She said she’d look at her calendar and let me know what day would work best. She called me up that night and, to put it nicely, put me in the “friend zone.” Well, at least she tried to put me in the friend zone or you wouldn’t be here reading this. Needless to say, I was pretty disappointed.

We still talked and texted a little bit, and I still really liked her. I went home to Utah for the holidays, and she went to Texas. I still had her on my mind during the break, and we even texted a little bit. I’m sure she thought the time and distance between us during that time that I would move on. Noooope! I came back and still showed just as much interest as before. I really liked this girl and I just wanted her to give me a chance!

I think she was taken aback that I was still pursuing her so much even after she put me in the “friend zone.” Again, in mid-January, I asked to take her home from work. She said yes, so long as we stopped and picked up a Dr. Pepper from McD’s. I told her I would. But on the way home, I was so engaged in our conversation that I drove her straight to her apartment. It was over an hour later when I realized what I’d forgotten. I immediately texted her telling her I would bring her one right then if she wanted it, or I’d bring one the next day. The next day, after a church activity, I went and got her a drink and brought it over.

That was the night that everything changed. Her roommate had invited a friend over and we all decided to watch a movie. We stayed up till almost 2 a.m. watching movies and cuddling. I didn’t want to leave! What I’d been waiting for had finally happened! She was going to give me a chance!

The next day, we had a conversation about us and that we were going to try this.

We’ve had great times since all of this happened! I love Stacey so much!

how they asked? Trevor and I had visited Virginia Beach one weekend in early May. By this point we knew we’d be getting married, and I not-so-subtly mentioned how a beach proposal would be ideal. But then I was kicking myself because now he couldn’t propose at the beach because I would see it coming right? Wrong.

I had a work conference the first weekend of June that required me to work 12+ hour days for five days straight, so I was pretty stressed and tired the whole time. Trevor was a good sport though and did nice things like bring me Chick-fil-a for breakfast. He also offered to plan a trip to the beach the following weekend to relieve my stress. I was a little suspicious that this might be the proposal, but all along Trevor had said he was going to Texas later in June to have “the talk” with my dad, so I didn’t think he could propose yet. There were a few other things that heightened my suspicion (e.g. my roommate randomly wanting to go get our nails done), but I was convinced that he had not talked to my dad and therefore couldn’t propose!

Trevor and I drove to Virginia Beach the next weekend, and we spent most of Saturday at the beach. As we were getting in the car to leave, Trevor brought out a box from the trunk and said it was a surprise and I should open it right then – a new dress to wear to dinner! We got cleaned up and went to a Thai restaurant (my favorite). At Trevor’s suggestion, we drove back to the beach after dinner to “find a less crowded spot to go back to the beach tomorrow.”

We found a quiet neighborhood and after we parked, Trevor pulled out another gift from the trunk and said we should walk down to the beach to open it.

Stacey and Trevor Surprise Marriage Proposal on the Beach (10)

We walked across a boardwalk under a beautiful canopy of trees to see the sun setting over the ocean and a near-empty beach. My thoughts went something like: “this has GOT to be the proposal – but he hasn’t talked to my dad. And I’m not this lucky!”

Turns out I am that lucky, though, because sure enough, we stopped at a spot near the water and out of the gift bag he pulled a scrapbook with pictures documenting our whole relationship.

Stacey and Trevor Surprise Marriage Proposal on the Beach (1)

The last page was captioned “That other time I went to Texas,” and had pictures of him with my family and without me. So turns out he had in fact already been to Texas to talk to my dad! But he had gone when he told me was going to Utah for a work trip. Sneaky man!

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Stacey and Trevor Surprise Marriage Proposal on the Beach (5)

Stacey and Trevor Surprise Marriage Proposal on the Beach (3)

By this point Trevor was down on one knee and I was in tears and he said some very sweet things, none of which I comprehended at the time, and then asked me to marry him!

Stacey and Trevor Surprise Marriage Proposal on the Beach (4)

I don’t think I even said yes because I was still in shock, but we all knew the answer already :)

Stacey and Trevor Surprise Marriage Proposal on the Beach (8)

It was truly the most perfect proposal I could have asked for, and I still can’t believe I’m so lucky to be with such a thoughtful, kind and caring man!

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