Whitney and Andrew's Adorable Proposal on the Golf Course

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How We Met

Andrew and I met on April 7th, 2012 in Downtown Portland. The story is sometimes a little embarrassing, but definitely a God moment. We were both out with a group of friends at an 18 and older dance club. My girl friends and I were all at the end of our freshman year and had no idea that the downtown scene really didn’t start until around 11 PM. We were there way too early and were very bored and we didn’t see anyone that any of us were interested in dancing with or talking to. My friends can vouch for me that I made an out loud, half-joking, prayer to God that He would bring in a group of tall, cute boys (notice “tall” was a specific requirement).

Not even a half hour later Andrew and his group of friends walked in and as soon as I saw him towering above the rest of the people I knew I wanted to get to know him and dance with him! Andrew being almost 21 did not want to be there that night at all. His best friend Austen (also the best man for the wedding) was dancing with one of my friends and heard me telling them how badly I wanted the tall guy in the corner to come dance with me. I did not know this guy was Andrew’s best friends, but thanks to him dragging Andrew onto the dance floor and telling him to go dance with this girl, Andrew finally came out and danced with me. I imagine the look on my face was priceless… I was so so so excited, and we didn’t dance long before we ended up getting out of the crowd and going to sit down and talk a little.

The rest is history. That night I sealed the deal by making him bust up laughing at my “Oh my gosh, Nemo’s swimming out to sea!” impersonation. We have always been able to make each other laugh, from the first night we met. We quickly realized we could hold conversations entirely of movie quotes, and it didn’t take long for us to fall for each other. 4 years later and I get to call that tall, handsome guy my husband. I thank God for taking my prayer seriously that night and bringing us together in a very unexpected way.

how they asked

On June 17th, I thought I was going to play a practice round at Redtail Golf Course with one of my best friends. Our boyfriends would caddy for us. We tried to play at the actual course where our tournament was going to be held but they had a tournament that day, which I later learned threw a wrench into Andrew’s plans and caused him a minor panic attack, but luckily it worked out to play at the course I worked at.

We had played a fun round, enjoying the company of our friends and getting some practice in. As we got closer to the 18th hole everyone was getting more and more nervous and excited. I, on the other hand, was simply trying to finish the round with a good score. I was completely oblivious to the fact that everyone else was silently freaking out. As we played the 18th hole, a long par 5, there was a photographer hiding in the bushes by the green, and my sister disguised in golf clothes (cause she has NEVER worn golf clothes in her life) was also hiding up ahead. My sister snuck into the group ahead of us as they were on the green and blended in like the sneaky ninja she is and put the ring box in the cup as soon as the group ahead had finished putting. We got up to the 18th green and I had hit a pretty good approach shot that left me a ten to fifteen foot downhill putt to make a birdie. My friend Maddie (also now a bridesmaid), had pulled out her phone to “snapchat” my putt, which I thought was kinda funny, but I had no idea what was going on.

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I SUNK THE BIRDIE PUTT! After not making a birdie all day I was relieved to have finally got one, and on a really tough putt too. I walked up to the cup to grab my ball out and there was a small black velvet box sitting there with my golf ball in the cup. I immediately started shaking from nerves and took it out and held it as Andrew walked up to me.

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He took the box from my hand, and also grabbed my putter from my hand and basically chucked it to the side. He got down on one knee and opened up the box and tried to say what he had thought about beforehand, which did not really come out of his mouth as planned. I could tell he was nervous too, and he was on one knee for a while to let me gather myself before finally asking me to marry him. Honestly I couldn’t even remember if I had said yes, although I’m pretty sure I was able to get the word out. I was too happy and tearful and excited to focus. The photographer and my sister came out from behind the bushes and I hugged everyone after finally letting go of a long hug from Andrew.

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The best part was that after he proposed we drove home to my house and I thought we were meeting all my family out for dinner, but Andrew had all our closest family and friends there waiting in my backyard to surprise me for a totally awesome engagement party. My mom lead the decorating charge with help from friends and family to turn our back yard into an adorable, rustic, country themed party complete with hay bales for sitting, a saddle for decoration, mason jars with baby’s breath, and a table full of delicious food and drinks. I had family from Washington come all the way to surprise me, including my best friend from Washington. It was truly an amazing day, and by the end I was emotionally drained in the best way possible. It was an “all hands on deck” event, and they pulled it off amazingly, and I had no idea! Andrew proposed in the most perfect way for me. I love the fact we got engaged on a golf course, and can go back and play that course together. Now I get to marry my best friend on May 20th, 2016, then enjoy our week long honeymoon in the Bahamas!! I could not be more excited to spend the rest of my life with this man!

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Plus, I think that birdie putt was a pretty good sign!

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