Candice and Lance's Adorable Proposal at a Ducks Game


How we met: Lance and I met when we both attended Emerson College in Boston.  Through a friend, I started attending the Emerson Hockey games in fall 2006 and Lance was on the team.  We used to ride back from the games on the subway together.  We also had a class together that semester.  We were friends for most of the school year until Lance asked me out that March.  Eight years later we are still very much in love and excited to start this next chapter in our lives!

how they asked: Lance was being really secretive about our anniversary weekend (our anniversary is March 30) so I was sure that he had planned our engagement for then.  To my surprise it happened early!

Lance is a huge fan of the Anaheim Ducks hockey team and I have become one as well.  For the third year in a row, Lance was set to have his birthday party in a suite at the Honda Center for a home game. All of our usual hockey friends were there and nothing was out of the ordinary.  I did not suspect a thing.

We were all hanging out in the suite before the game when the suite attendant wheeled in a cart with two Ducks jerseys.  Lance has gotten small birthday gifts before when renting a suite (signed pucks & pictures, etc.) so I just thought this was a big upgrade.

But Lance said, “this one is for you.”  I unfolded the white jersey to find the words “Mrs. Ning” on the back with a question mark lightly stitched on.  His said “Mr. Ning.”  Lance then got down on one knee and expressed his love in a few very sweet sentences.

He asked “Will you marry me?” and I immediately said “YES!” and rushed in to kiss him after he put the beautiful ring on my finger.

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There were hugs all around and then we had a champagne toast.


One of our friends in attendance, Corey Sandler, is a photographer and he whisked us away to a mini photo shoot with our jerseys.


And to cap off the awesome night, the Ducks won 4 to 2 with a very exciting comeback in the third period!  One of the goals was scored by Thompson, which will only be my last name for a little over a year now!  I’ll be Mrs. Ning!  I could not have found a better groom to share my life and a last name with.  I’m so happy to be on his team!

P.S. After the game, we saw a few Ducks players as they were exiting the arena and we got our picture with defenseman James Wisniewski!


Photos by Corey Sandler