Adorable Movie Studio Proposal

Image 1 of Adorable Movie Studio ProposalHow We Met: James and I attended the same Junior High and High School. With him being two years older than me, we didn’t know each other very well. It was six years after I graduated high school that we reconnected. He asked me to go on our first date in January of 2014, but unfortunately my friend and her children passed away that weekend and I was unable to go. James was very patient with me and we went on our first date a couple of months later. We went to dinner on our first date and I remember being so surprised how easy it was to talk to him. I knew that there was something special between us from day one. I’ve waited forever to feel this way about someone, it’s crazy to think that he was just around the corner the whole time.

how they asked: James completely surprised me the day he asked me to marry him! He told me that we were going to his work Christmas party, which is at a motion picture studio. When we arrived, he told me that the party was back in one of the buildings that they film in. I noticed music and lights when we turned the corner, but thought that it was just the Christmas party. He had set it up in the little barn that they use in some of the movies. He had asked all of our loved ones to take a picture holding a sign that said “say yes”. The pictures were hanging all over from the ceiling in the barn. He had my favorite song playing (Hey Pretty Girl by Kip Moore). As the song ended, James got down on his knee and told me that he had loved me from our first date and asked me to marry him. It meant so much to me that he put so much thought into our engagement, and that he included our loved ones. I’m so lucky to be able to call this thoughtful man mine forever!

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