Carolina and Alexandre's Adorable London Marriage Proposal

How We Met: We met at university, where we both studied law. He played football and I was the President of the organization that arranged sports competitions and events for the sports clubs in the Law School. Because of this we met at many events and quickly became good friends in this environment. After about two years our friendship progressed into a romance that has been growing very fast in the five years since, despite periods of long distance.

how they asked: We flew to London for what I thought was just a regular vacation. One night, we returned to our hotel after an evening out and he led me up to the penthouse, which was surprising in itself! As he opened the door, I was lost for words. The room was decorated with colourful rose petals, and lots of little birds and bird cages.

London Marriage Proposal

This is because my favourite thing in the world is a necklace from him with two birds together, which are our love birds- his surname ‘Passaro’ means “bird” in Portuguese.

London Marriage Proposal

There was a stunning view of central London- Big Ben, the London Eye… they all looked amazing lit up! He then showed me a personalized scrapbook he had made of our journey together, full of pictures of our favourite memories from our relationship.

London Marriage Proposal

But it got even better… as I turned the last page, a projection lit up onto the wall of the penthouse with a video that he had secretly filmed of all of our family and friends talking about us! This made me so happy and emotional, and I cried even harder as he gently pulled me up, got down on one knee, and presented me with the ring… of course I said yes!


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Proposal Planner: The Proposers

Video by: Another Yes

Photos by: The London Photographer