Nolyn and Jimmy's Adorable Laguna Beach Proposal

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How We Met

We knew each others name from high school, but never officialy met. a few years down the road we reconnected on social medium because of having church in common. From the day we met we knew God wanted us to be together and we fell in love!

Funny story: the same week of our first day, I met his sister who came into my families salon where I work, to see what the salon was about and if she liked the vibe. Her, jimmy, and I still not knowing how everything was connected, she took the job, soon to find out i was about to fall in love with her brother.

how they asked

The morning of the 20th, we had plans to go have a bible study on the beach with just us two, and thats exactly what we did… except I didn’t know it was gonna be the BEST bible study I ever had due to the fact that my boyfriend was gonna ask THE question. We set up blankets on the beach and cozy’d up while reading a devotional and the bible.

Once we got done he asked if i’d like to go down closer to the water, of course my first thought was “my toes are gonna freeze off” but we did it anyway. Once we got to the water he pointed out we never prayed after our bible study, so we decided he was gonna pray first, then I would follow. He said his pray and I said mine, as soon as the word amen came out of my mouth and my eyes slowly opened I saw him getting down on one knee. my first words were… “what are you doing?

Are you being serious”? He then followed by saying the cutest things that I in no way would EVER rememebr because I was so shocked, excited, and READY for him to ask the question. “Nolyn, will you marry me?” and of course I said “with all of my heart, YES!” we took time to ourselves to take the moment in, we then drove over to The Cliff resturant for brunch, and as soon as I walked on the patio I saw both of our families waiting there mimosas and bloody marys in hand ready to celebrate! Just when I thought the surprises were over a week goes by and on chirstmas morning I unwrapped a blown up photo of him down on one knee and a flash drive with the whole morning on it!

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