Watch This Adorable Flipbook Marriage Proposal

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How we met: After college, I was ready for an adventure and decided to accept a job in Chicago, even though I’d never been to the midwest before! I had this gut feeling it some thing I needed to do.

I had just arrived a few days prior when an old acquaintance from college saw on Facebook I had moved to the city and invited me to a happy hour with her coworkers. I am forever grateful because I met my future husband that night…

how they asked: Rodney proposed to me at the Lincoln Park Zoo lights festival. It was absolutely freezing but he insisted that we bundle up and go anyways. Right in front of the big light display, he turned to me and told me he needed to give me my Christmas present. I remember thinking “Seriously, right now? Are you crazy?” but he insisted and showed me a flip book.

It was perfect because I had to take my gloves off to flip through it and I got the end, he pulled out the real ring and asked for my hand….

Of course, I started bawling. I almost got frostbite afterwards because I refused to put my gloves back on!

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We later took our engagement photos near the zoo because the spot means so much to us. The festive lights were no longer up, but Chicago remained freezing so the photos are pretty authentic to the moment.

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Artist: The Flippist //Song: Mean to Me, by Brett Eldredge // Photos: Gia Dragoi