Adorable Cats Help Man Propose on Valentine's Day


How We Met

Nick and I met 3 years ago on an online dating website. Surprisingly, we both are not the type to even be seen on one of those, but we thought we’d give it a shot – well thank god we did! I met him in person for the first time at one of his soccer game’s in Swansea, MA. He’s from Taunton, MA and I’m from Killingly, CT. Well the first time we met definitely wasn’t the last – after that we were inseparable. I was traveling back and forth to Taunton every single day after work to see him. ¬†And we would do the same! It was like that for a while, until I began sleeping over. Then I moved in with him at his parents house. Then after a year or so, we bought our own condo and moved out! Since then, life has been perfect. I never expected it to be more perfect, until today (2/14/15) I never thought this day would come. Nick proposed to me in the most thoughtful and creative way possible. We absolutely adore our two kittens and having them apart of this special moment meant the world to me! I’m a wedding planner, always planning other people’s weddings and hearing all different stories on proposals and now we have the chance to tell our story and plan our wedding! I can’t wait to marry the love of my life and spend forever with you! I love you, Nick. More than all the stars in the sky.

How They Asked

On Saturday morning at 7am on February 14, 2015 my life completed changed. (For the better) I was woken up by my two precious kittens and of course my love.. I see that Chloe has a sign handing from his neck – so I read it.

Adorable Cat Helps Man Propose on Valentine's Day

Halfway through, I started to cry. At the end, it says “check Zoey!” So I did.. And hanging from her collar was the most¬†beautiful diamond I have ever seen! I felt like I was in a dream. I looked over at Nick… And he was down on one knee. I said yes! I can’t wait to marry the love of my life!

Adorable Cat Helps Man Propose on Valentine's Day