Rochelle and Dustin's Carousel Marriage Proposal


How we met: Dustin and I met on the music team at church in the Fall of 2010. I was not interested in him.. at all. He even sent me these huge, beautiful bouquet of flowers to my work, when the day before I specifically told him that I do not have any romantic feelings for him and that I just want to be friends.. and the poor guy still had some fire in him. It took quite a bit until I agreed to hang out with him, yet made it clear that we were hanging out as friends. We went out to dinner at the most friend zoned place possible.. Dennys. We spent the night talking for hours about anything and everything. When our check came, he quickly grabbed the bill before I could say no. He honestly made me life until my stomach was seriously hurting and could not breath.. yeah it wasn’t a pretty sight. I called my friend shortly after and told her how much fun I had and “too bad I only like him as a friend”.

A few months later when we started to slowly hang out more and more with our mutual friends and I found myself looking at him differently. I realized I had a small crush on him! … WEIRD! I was so against him because I just didn’t want to be in a relationship, but God had a different plan. I secretly always desired to be pursued, and I knew myself enough to know that if I was slightly into a guy and he showed interest in me, then it would be a quick dating transition. So, I thought it was neat that I got exactly what I desired when meeting my husband.

how they asked: I would have never thought that June 15, 2013 would be the day that Dustin Schultz would ask me to spend the rest of my life with him. I completely fell into his trap of the ultimate life changing surprise. Here’s the video, and the story and photos are below it!

A few months before June 15th, Dustin had revealed his plan of proposal to one of my best friends, Chrissy Vensel, who happens to be an amazing photographer. The plan was for Dustin and I to take a drive down to Newport with Chrissy and her husband, Justin, and help “model” as an engaged couple because Chrissy was not familiar with the area. She wanted some practice shots since she had to do an actual engagement shoot on that same beach later on that day. Dustin had also arranged to hang out with two other friends who live in Rhode Island, so we could make a nice trip out of it with all of our friends together. One of his best friends, Jordan Ingram, just happens to be a filmmaker.

Well, that whole plan was a complete lie. Chrissy never had a scheduled engagement shoot that day, other than mine. They all played me like a fiddle. Chrissy expressed that the fake couple wanted some cool shots on the carousel that was also right on the beach.

All that went through my mind in that moment was that carousels are great, free pictures are great, this is a win-win situation.

Long story short, Dustin popped down on one knee as I was happily riding my purple horse and said to me “Hey Rochelle, if this were an actual engagement shoot, wouldn’t you need something like this?”. He flashed that ring, I was COMPLETELY shocked and took me some time to realize that this was actually happening. I even turned to Jordan’s wife, Meredith, and asked if this was real life. This was not a dream, my guy actually just proposed to me.

Carousel Marriage Proposal

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Carousel Marriage Proposal

Carousel Marriage Proposal

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Wedding Photography: Chrissy Vensel // Videographer: Jordan Ingram // Editor of our Engagement Video : Dustin Schultz