Cameron and Greg's Adorable Breckenridge Marriage Proposal


Greg proposed to me on Friday, December 18th, 2015. We were in Breckenridge, Colorado on Peak 8, heading down the mountain for our final run of the day. He pulled me aside on Springmeier run to take a picture. This wasn’t unusual since Greg documents every trip we have ever been on together in full.

The only thing that was incredibly unusual is that Greg has asked me to take my hat and helmut off. This wasn’t going to fly. Taking layers of any kind off on the mountain is difficult and flat out annoying. Especially in the middle of a run. In protest, I simply said “no.”

Greg wasn’t going to have it. He took off his skis, walked over and took my helmut off me. Well now we had an issue. We had been having a great time, I was ready to get down off the mountain, and now my boyfriend rips my helmut off my head and throws it in the snow. Now i was upset. It was cold, I wanted to finish my run, and now I had to take off my skis, and go pick up my helmut. In this process, there was some explicit language used. I am not proud of this, but it happened. It is actually safe to say I was dog-cussing sweet Greg as I frantically tried to go get the one thing that was keeping my head warm and safe.

In all of my fury, I was quickly stopped, and was flooded with an entirely new type of emotion. Shock. Surprise. Greg was on his knee, in the snow, with the most beautiful ring I had ever seen.


Tears and “oh my God” were the only things I could muster as he asked me to marry him . After a moment, I was able to say YES! The overwhelming feeling of love and happiness spead so quickly, I soon forgot I tried to whack ole Greg with my ski pole (sorry again, babe). Greg pulled out a bottle of champagne which he shook up and sprayed all over Peak 8 in celebration! We were ENGAGED!


In this process, I learned that when someone asks you to take off your helmut, you should absolutely do it, and that foot-in-mouth disease clearly runs in all of the Armstrong women (even me).

We were lucky to have Greg’s GoPro take an awesomely embarrassing video of him asking me to marry him, as well popping the champagne! Additionally, our good friend David (BILLY) Harper was in what he refers to as a “snow hole” in the tree line, and captured the whole moment on his camera. Thanks Billy!

I still am in shock. I was caught by total surprise with dark green nails, and no make-up. We are so happy, and I get to spend forever with my best friend!