Julia and Zeb's Adorable (and Very Emotional) Proposal Video

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how we met – Zeb

I was watching the movie Safe Haven with my family and friends. I was scrolling on Instagram while watching it. Julianne Hough was in the movie. And so I decided to search for her to see if she had a Instagram I could follow. But my phone auto corrected the search to Julia Huff. The first person to pull up was a cute girl that lived in Spanish Fork, I live in Payson. We live pretty close to each other so I decided to follow her. Couple days later she followed me. Through out a few weeks we played tag by liking each other’s photos. I liked some of hers and then she would like some of mine and so fourth. One day at work I just knew I needed to write this girl. So I wrote her on Facebook and we talked non stop for days. That turned into texting. And then we finally decided to meet. I took her to a secret waterfall and we just clicked. We hung out nonstop after that.

how we met – Julia

One day I got a notification of a friend request on Instagram from a random guy, so I decided to see who he was. His name was Zebulon Evans, he was super handsome and seemed so genuine and talented and lived close by me, I couldn’t resist but to follow him back. A few days later we started liking each other’s pictures, he would like a few then I would like a few. Then one day I got a friend request on Facebook as well as a message from him! We wrote back and forth for about a week, talking non stop then texting. We decided we had to meet in person so he took me on a secret hike to a waterfall! It was so fun and we talked non stop! I knew he was someone special that I wanted in my life from that point on!

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how they asked – Julia

It was the week before Valentine’s and he told me that he planned for us to get a photoshoot done for one of his Valentines gifts! So he took off the whole day from work and took me to buy a new dress and shoes, he sat and got me different sizes and went to multiple stores and gave me his opinion on everything! Then he took me to get my hair done and sat with me for 3 hours for that, then took me to get my nails done and spent a whole day pampering me and paid for it all! Valentine’s Day came and we did our photoshoot, and then he drove back to his house and surprised me with a delicious and romantic steak dinner with pasta, cakes and sparkling cider. There were candles and music and it was a perfect setting and day for him to propose! Then the day ended and he didn’t… I was confused but knew it would happen eventually!

The next weekend we didn’t have any plans, so my mom asked me to spend the morning with her shopping and lunch. So we went and had a great time! When I got back home I went to my room and there was the dress and shoes that we picked out with some flowers and a note that said be ready at 5, I am taking you on a special date that we’ve always wanted to do! He picked me up and wasn’t telling me any of his plans! We pulled up to Olive Garden and they said it would be about 40 min wait, which I was totally fine with, but he seemed stressed. He said he needed to make a phone call to see if it was okay with whatever his plans for us was after. He said it would be fine so we went and had a great time at dinner, and started driving back towards Payson where he lives. He then told me that we needed to pick something up for his mom at a house in Santaquin, and asked if I would come around back to help him. He said the backyard was really pretty with landscape too so I wanted to see it! We walked around back and their backyard wasn’t even done, so I knew something was up! Then that’s when I saw the lights and the pictures and rose petals on the ground through the window…

We walked into the house and I saw 2 walls full of pictures of our memories throughout our relationship! I was speechless!! He walked me through the pictures and explained how he started to fall in love with me and all of the memories that made our relationship strong! After he took me to the center of the room and told me how much he loves me and qualities he loves in me and how our relationship has grown! I was immediately overwhelmed with emotion and couldn’t help but cry!

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Then he reached into his suit and pulled out a little white box, got down on his knee and asked me to marry him!! I was so happy and emotional that I couldn’t wait for him to stand up! We kneeled on the ground hugging, taking in the moment. He asked if I wanted to put the ring on and it fit perfectly!

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We danced to our song “From the Ground Up” by Dan and Shay, I didn’t want to let any part of this moment stop. That was when he told me that he had hired a secret videographer to get the whole thing on video! Tyson then came out from behind the curtain and congratulated us! I am so happy and grateful that we have this video to always look back and watch and never forget any part of our proposal! Zeb completely exceeded any expectation that I had set for my dream proposal! I can not wait to marry him and spend forever together!!

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how they asked – Zeb

I had already got the ring and bought it. But was waiting for it to get re sized. Her fingers are so small!! But in that mean time I wanted to start really planning this proposal. I wanted to make it so special for her and I wanted it to be very unique. Something that no one else has done. I started searching some proposal stories to start sparking some ideas and I came across Tyson’s other videos. I instantly I knew I wanted him to be a part of mine. Just didn’t know what I wanted to do yet. I contacted him and we started communicating. Me and Julia didn’t go to the same high school we met after we graduated. She had mentioned she wishes we could have went to a dance together. That’s were the theme came from. I decided I wanted to do a flashback of our memories and show her how I fell in love with her and how grateful I was for those memories. I decided to do the proposal in a dance studio out of a house. Which was a perfect size and the fact it was a house would throw her off.

I wanted it to be a surprise and I also knew that she didn’t have a nice dress she loved. So I told her for valentines we were doing a photoshoot and she needed to figure out the outfits; so it didn’t seem weird when I took the day off work and took her to get her nails done, hair done, and dress/shoe shopping. Valentine’s was just a throw off date so the next week would be a total surprise when I propose. I took her to the photoshoot and than came back to my house and I had the table set up all romantic and cooked her a homemade meal. And put together a basket of her favorite candy, chocolate, and some of her favorite chick flicks. The day before the proposal we spent most the day getting everything ready and decorating. We hung lights up, put all of our pictures on the wall that I would walk her through, candles, and some rose petals.

The day of the Proposal, I had her mom take her out for a couple of hours and came and decorated her room and laid out the dress and shoes on her bed with flowers and a note that told her we were going on a special date to wear this and to be ready at 5. I picked her up and we went and ate at Olive Garden.

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I then took her back to the proposal place and walked her through all of our memories expressing to her how I felt on each date and how I fell in love with her. I then got on my knee and asked her to marry me… She said YES!!!

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