Adilene and Tyrel

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How We Met

We met via hybrid dating app/real life.

Tyrel and I first met briefly on Bumble. We worked at the same hospital and didn’t even know it, and he was about to start his rotation in the pediatric ICU. He is an ED doctor and I am a peds hem/onc nurse, so we talked about healthcare, our jobs, and our mutual love of ice cream. We really hit it off and I was so intrigued by him. However, I had just started school again and bought a house, and he was going to be moving to an unknown location for his fellowship after he graduated residency. We both figured it may be best to not pursue anything since I had my life in Tucson and his journey was very unknown. After the mutual agreement, I told him that we may cross paths, as PICU was next to the unit I worked on and sometimes we get floated there. He ended his conversation with, “I hope I get to meet you; you sound pretty awesome, and somebody should totally snatch you up!”

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A couple of weeks later, I get floated to PICU. I show up to work and I see Tyrel. He didn’t recognize me, as we all wear blue scrubs and masks, and I didn’t even work there, to begin with. I was too shy to introduce myself to him in person. Later that morning I send him a friendly message on Bumble, just to say hi and to tell him we are working together and hope he is liking it there. I get no response, so I figure he is ignoring me. That day was very busy in PICU, so I didn’t run into him much. After his shift, I get a response and he apologized for not recognizing me and tells me I should have said something to him. We kept chatting and decided to be friends and set up an ice cream hang-out later that week.

In the days leading up to getting ice cream, Tyrel and I are talking every day. I get floated to PICU a second time and get to meet him in person. The ice cream hangout (in hindsight really a date), goes very well and the rest is history.

We were planning on just being friends, but I believe God had better plans for us than what we both could have imagined: bringing us together to go on the journey of life together.

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How They Asked

My sister, Alicia, is a photographer, and I have always loved being her “model” and helping to build her portfolio together. There was one day when she did a model call on her Instagram page looking for couples in love for a photoshoot on Mount Lemmon, AZ. So of course, I volunteer.

She asks me if Tyrel and I will do the shoot. I ask Tyrel and he says sure, he will just be getting off 6-night shifts, so if I can drive up the mountain, he is in. I tell my sister we can do the photoshoot. She let me know it’s a styled shoot, she will let us know what to wear, and sends an inspo photo of some makeup. She also asks if Tyrel can bring his guitar, as she wants to include it as a prop and maybe he can play a couple of songs for us. She tells me the photoshoot would be for two couples and was going to be a big content day for her.

I thought nothing of the photoshoot; I was excited to get some cute pics with Tyrel and that was it. We went to buy his shirt for the photo shoot, and I ordered a dress and headband my sister liked and said I should wear.

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Tyrel went and got a haircut a couple of days before the photo shoot. I thought was nice of him to be so invested in this photoshoot for my sister. This may be the only time I considered the photo shoot was a proposal, but that thought faded quickly.

As the photoshoot got closer, I asked my sister what she needed me to bring. She had me bring a few things and told me to make sure to get there on time, as we were fighting precious sunlight for a sunset shoot.

I pick Tyrel up, and as we are driving, he starts playing a playlist we share called “mi Amor” where we add cute love songs. I thought it was sweet but didn’t think much of it, as we listen to it often.

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When we arrive, we change into our outfits and scope out where my sister is set up. We hike up there and she is taking photos of the other couple. There is a beautiful picnic set up (I love picnics so much), and I think “Wow, she really went all out for this shoot! It looks amazing”.

My brother-in-law, Marcel, is also there, and he usually will go help her take photos, so I didn’t think anything of this either. She asks for him to get some behind-the-scenes shots of the photoshoot. In hindsight, it was so he could take a video of the whole proposal.

She takes a few more photos of the other couple, then it is our turn. We get a few shots standing up on the side of the mountain before she moves us to the picnic. Tyrel grabbed his guitar and said he learned a couple of new songs. He starts playing and singing “Forever and Ever, Amen,” and my heart is melting. I get teary-eyed because I love it when he plays for me. (He played the guitar on the night he asked me to be his girlfriend as well.) After that song, he starts playing “When You Say Nothing at All”, and as much as I am loving it, I think to myself he is playing a lot and maybe my sister wants us to pose differently or move locations. I ask her, “Is it ok if he still keeps playing, or do you want us to pose differently?” She said at this moment she knew that I had no idea what was going on. She tells me it’s ok if he keeps playing.

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When he is done with those songs he says, “Ok are you done with this?” to my sister and puts his guitar back. He grabs a ring box and comes over to me and proposes. I was shocked! I had no idea, and I start crying the happiest tears ever.

After the proposal, my parents come and join us to celebrate and enjoy the picnic. We have a quick facetime with his family because the service on the mountain is not great.

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So, a content day photoshoot turned proposal, and I was able to have my sister take my engagement shots; something that I had always wished for. There were lots of behind-the-scenes planning between my sister, brother-in-law, and Tyrel. The picnic was set up perfectly and arranged so beautifully. My sister went above and beyond to make my special day perfect.

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Tyrel and my family were very happy it stayed a surprise, which is what Tyrel was most nervous about. It was the best surprise.

I am thrilled to be on this journey with Tyrel, and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with him!

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Special Thanks

Alicia Barrios
 | Photographer
Alicia Barrios
 | Planning